Sunday, December 14, 2008

Goals Update 18

1. Nano novel. Been working on this fairly regularly. I haven't had much free time but at least I'm getting a few minutes in here and there.

2. Write every day. Been keeping on my newest novel. It's been hectic with work and finishing up with this semester at school so I haven't spent as much time on it as I'd like to. I hope to get back into it more as class ends and I get through with my overtime at work.

3. Let other people read my writing. I let my mother of all people read a few bits of this year's Nano, and she seemed to really like it. This gave me a self-confidence boost considering she's an English professor with English and writing degrees.

4. Learn Japanese. I have yet to make any more progress here. I've been too swamped between Nano, class, and work. I have, however, kept going through my notes so I don't forget everything I've learned so far.

Start buying less stuff, and finish what I have lying around the house. I've done fairly well with this. I still buy more than I need to, and Christmas is going to add a ton to my "to do" pile (damn you Doug and your starting me on three more book series...), but I'm getting through a good bit.

Organize my stuff and get rid of unnecessary clutter. Managed to spend some time on this one since my last update. I'd love to get as much as I can cleaned out and organized by the end of the year. I'm coming up on five days off work due to the holidays. And there are still two weekends left, so I will hopefully get my ass in gear and finish this one while I have the spare time!

7. Get through borrowed stuff. Done well with this. I'm caught up on the Stephanie Plum books, and only have a few books out from the library. I finished a lot of my friends' stuff as well. Book wise I don't have more than a book or two from each person (with the exception of Doug). I have no more movies, and Roswell is the only series I have.

8. Nano 2008. Goal accomplished there.

So there's not a lot of time left in the month, but I don't have many goals left to complete. There are only a handful still even on the list, and of those most are ongoing efforts. I'll probably do one more update around before the end of the year, and then it will be time for me to decide on my goals for 2009! I already have a bunch of ideas....


Jadey said...

Yay, I love the goal updates.

You seem to be doing fairly well. Thats brilliant news about your mom liking your book:) <3
And good luck with trying to finish stuff, but you fly through things so it should be no bother:)

Christian said...

Yay for less than 10 goals!

Thats awesome that your mom liked what she read. I knew it was great! :D


Niall said...

Goals 4, 5 and 6 are ones I want/need to accomplish myself ¬_¬

Nice to see you don't have a mountain of goals like last year :P All the hard work you put in to beat them paid off! ^_^