Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Zoo! Take two

Okay, time for some more zoo pictures! After this entry I'll probably do one more with some pictures from in the aquarium, and then I'll be back on to regular entries again. Here goes...

After seeing the Prince of Persia movie last week, I just can't look at ostriches the same way:

I have a bunch of pictures of different kinds of monkeys. I'll be the first to admit I don't have a clue what any of them are actually called:

Shark! *hums theme music from Jaws*

Om nom nom:

Penguins - again, annoyed with having to take pictures through plexiglass but this one turned out okay:

Again, not sure what this is, but it looks cool. It also looks kind of bored:


More of some kind of monkey...thing...

Sea lions - this is probably the only decent picture I got of them. They're damned fast!

This actually scared me half to death. Was walking down a path and it was 2 feet away in the bushes, just watching us:

Right, that's enough for this entry. Like I said, I'll probably post one more shortly, then hopefully finish some of the other entries (namely, reviews) that I have halfway done.


DL3 said...


rachel neil said...

I can't remember last time I went to the zoo with my kids, I should probably do it again some day.

Julia said...

that is so cool

Dennis Wishoff said...

Wow! Thats some really nice pictures, good job!

IvannaTheQueen said...

Are you a photographer because those pictures are amazing