Friday, April 25, 2008

Goals Update 8

Since it's been four months, I figured I'd spend a bit of time redoing this list. There are goals that should either be added, changed, or cut out completely.

First off, the ones I'm cutting off the list.

Do a book review for Jade's blog. Jade isn't even around much because she's so busy, and hasn't done a video in months. If she ever does get the site off the ground and starts keeping some sort of regular update schedule, I'll be more than happy to do a few reviews. But at the moment I don't see the point in spending the time recording and/or editing.

2. Nano 2008. I'm taking this one off until at least September. Even if I do spend time planning this year, I won't be doing it before then. There's no need to update every two weeks just to say that nothing has happened.

3. Update this blog, etc. I wanted to update this at least once a week. I've done at least that (with the exception of my job hunting hiatus).
I've also been writing in my journal regularly. It's become enough of a habit that I don't really think it needs to be on the list anymore. As far as I'm concerned, this one can be considered completed. ^_^

4. Continue my education. This one is coming off, not because I don't plan to do it, but because I can't right now until I get situated financially. I've already done all of the research, all that's left is applying and actually going. As I start working and get the time and extra money, I will be applying to various schools. But it's another goal that doesn't need to be on here, just so that I can say every two weeks that nothing has happened because I'm broke.

The goals that are getting changed around a bit:

1. Finish my degree/get a job. This one is just going to be "get a job" from now on. I have a couple of classes left for my degree but I don't know when I can take them, only because I don't know when they're offered. No point in keeping this goal if they're not even available until next spring. As soon as I can take them I will, and then I'll finish my degree. Until then, a job is my priority.

2. Exercise 3 days a week. This one's getting bumped up to 5 for a while. If I continue to easily meet this goal for the next month or two, I'll cut it off the list as well. The point was to make regular exercise a habit for me. Once it's habit the reminder isn't really necessary, unless I decide to change the goal to fitting in longer workouts, or something like that.

Completely new goals:

1. Organize my stuff and get rid of unnecessary clutter. I need to go through all of my clothes and get rid of stuff that doesn't fit anymore or that I just won't wear. I also need to get rid of books; I have boxes of my mom's stuff and half of them I don't even want. Or already have my own copy of. Same goes for movies, games, random boxes of stuff, etc. I need to get myself organized. Once I get rid of what I don't need I'm going to rearrange what I have left.

That's the overall goal, but it'll change from update to update. I want to break it into manageable chunks. So...first I'll get the books done. I'll get together the books I don't want, and either put them on BookMooch or donate them to the library. I'll also sell what I can of my old textbooks and take the rest to the paper recycling place. Once I'm done with that I'll organize the books I have left. Pack some of the ones I don't read as often and store them, and rearrange my shelves.

I'd like to have that done by the next update, but since I'm posting this entry late, I'll give myself two updates if necessary (until May 23rd).

2. This one ties into the first, kind of. And to the goal I've had of finishing stuff, though it's a bit more specific. I want to get through the books, games, and DVDs that I've borrowed from friends. At the moment I have multiple shelves of borrowed stuff. A couple dozen books, about a dozen seasons of shows thanks to Chris, some movies, a handful of games. I'd like to return some of these things and free up that space.

This one is going to change from update to update too; I'm going to set specific things I want to get through. It might seem stupid, but having a tangible goal actually does help me. I'm aiming for May 23rd with this one too. I want to finish Buffy season 2, and all of the movies I've borrowed from people (there are only three). Also, I'll finish at least three of the borrowed books I have and really get into one of the games. Doesn't matter which.

Wow, those got rather complicated, but they're the only really specific goals I have and I needed to take some time outlining them for myself. Hopefully they work out.

And last, updates on the goals that are being carried over from the old list. I'm making some of them more specific so it's easier to measure my progress, but the overall goals aren't changing at all.

1. Finish my Nano novel. Getting there, slowly but surely. I've still got a long way to go, but I'm working on it regularly. Going to start trying to write at least 10 pages between updates, or edit 20 pages. That number will hopefully go up, but I want to start realistically.

2. Play the flute and piano. I've still been playing the flute. Aiming for twice a week for half an hour. Mom still hasn't gotten to me on the keyboard. I'll see her a few times over the next couple of weeks, between her birthday, my grandmother's birthday, and Mother's Day, so I'll bug her then.

3. Write every day. Nearly there on this one. Word wars would help probably, but even without having anyone to war with regularly, I've been doing well.

4. Let other people read my writing. Parts of my Nano are nearly ready for this I think. Not sure who to send it to though. I know I'm not going to post it here or on the forums or anything.

5. Read 104 books. I'm about 3/4 through this, I think. So I'll probably be able to cross this one off in the next few updates.

6. Take some trips. Should have the hotel booked for Otakon soon. Now I just need a way to pay for it. Still hoping to find a job soon so I can do that and still get out to visit Chris at some point.

7. Learn Japanese. I've been working on this but not getting as far as I'd like. For now I'm going to do one podcast per day (they're short so if I skip a day I should easily be able to make it up), and also practice the writing every day. That's probably about 20 minutes a day of work, which should be easy.

8. Physical therapy for my hand. I lost my stress ball, which is a problem. I've still been doing the exercises that don't use it though.

9. Time management. Slowly improving. It's taking longer than I'd like, and I have more off days than I'd like, but I'm making progress at least. This has been a problem for me for years, so it's going to be rough to get myself out of my old habits.

Start buying less stuff, and finish what I have lying around the house. I bought two books and got another through BookMooch. However, I finished a couple of games, and quite a few books and shows, so I'm still doing well on this one.

Learn Photoshop. Haven't done anything with this; I haven't had the time or the patience. I'm going to get through at least two tutorials by the next update.

Whew, this was long. No wonder it took me forever to get written. But hopefully I'll make even more progress on these now that I've reevaluated and reorganized what I want to do.

On another note, happy 21st birthday to my brother! Hope you had a great one, and damn your school for scheduling final exams the next day! ^_^


Niall said...

I always like reading your goal updates, as I can see how someone actually gets things done :P Unlike myself >_>

Oh, and in relation to goal #8 from the carried over out for something in the mail in the next three or four days ;)

Jadey said...

you are really getting things done, seriously go you, you should be proud.
it makes me realize how lazy i am haha. speaking of which, go you on the exercising thing too ^_^ Endorphins are good :)

Christian said...

My name is Christian, and I'm an enabler.


:D <3

Denise said...


*waves back*

You really are. Plus then you tease me by sending me EMPTY BOXES of some shows. >_>

Not cool.