Thursday, April 3, 2008


For personal reasons, I'm going to be taking a bit of a break from the internet. I have a number of issues that I need to take care of, and I need time to myself so that I can handle them. I know that's rather vague, but I'm not going into specifics on here.

You can all still reach me at my Yahoo email address, if you want or need anything. I might be on MSN on occasion as well, though I doubt I'll be chatting. I honestly won't be in front of the computer much. But if you leave me a message there I'll eventually get it.

I'm not sure if I'm going to continue to update this blog, which is one reason I'm making this entry (the other being that this is the easiest way to reach everyone). I'll probably do the goals updates when they roll around, but aside from that I'm not sure if/when I'll post anything else. It'll depend on my mood and if I have anything to say, I suppose.

Hopefully I'll get everything worked out in the next month or so, and then I'll be around regularly again. <3


Christian said...

Hope everything works out hun.

I'm here if you need me <3

Niall said...

I'm here too! :)

Hopefuly you get everything sorted out <3 I'll update my blog regularly, so feel free to read it to find out what's going on with me if you get 5 mins or something ;P

<3 you!

Niall said...

Oh, and because you took it off your list of links...