Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Does anyone actually read this?

If you do, comment or something and let me know. I've been wondering if it's worth keeping up with it if I have no regular readers.

I enjoy keeping the blog, but at the same time if I'm the only one reading it there's no point in my having both a blog and my normal journal...^_^


Jarannis Orranis (Chris) said...

I read. In fact, I have you RSS-ed.

Yay feeds!

Jadey said...

I Read it, i do the same as Jar, woo RSS :)

Christian said...

You know I do the same as Jar and Jade, just haven't commented lately cuz I'm lazy >.>

Niall said...

I still read your blog :)

But like Chris, I can be too lazy to comment >_>

Denise said...

Well that's why I asked. If no one comments or mentions something in my blog while talking to me, I've no way of knowing who if anyone reads it. :P

I'm starting to get to the point where I'm so busy that if no one reads I might as well just keep a regular journal instead of trying to do both. But if people are reading I'll keep updating. ^_^