Saturday, January 3, 2009

Off to a great start

I was going to either write a review of 2008 (yeah I stole that idea from Jade >.>), or get started on my goals for 2009. But too much has happened the last couple of days so I felt the need to vent instead.

First off, the first was okay. I didn't feel that great and I spent the majority of the day lazing around, but overall it wasn't a bad day. The second....that's when everything started to go to shit.

I'd woken up in the middle of the night coughing and needed a drink. I noticed that my laptop had the blue screen of death. I glanced at it, but just shut the computer down. Anyone who uses XP knows that sometimes those just happen. Usually you restart and the computer is fine, so I went back to bed.

When I woke up in the morning I tried to start up my computer, and got the BSOD yet again. I tried a few things but had no luck. Turns out my hard drive had died. Just died. As if that wasn't bad enough, I didn't have everything backed up. I have a lot of it on my external hard drive, but not all of my documents. I only have parts of my latest novel saved, and none of my music is backed up. The killer? I was going to back everything up that day so that I could reformat while I was off work. I wanted to get my computer cleaned up before classes started this week. But could my hard drive wait 10 measly hours to die? Of course not.

I talked to Dell, and they're going to send a new hard drive, so that's not an issue. My warranty isn't up for another few months. Also, my mom has a friend who is going to try and see what he can salvage, if anything, from my dead hard drive. I'm hoping he's able to help me out, and that it isn't too expensive. Oh, and that he can do it quickly as my classes start on the 8th. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I'd been up at 9am, but by the time I sorted all of this out it was mid-afternoon. My doorbell rings, and I open it to find a package on my doorstep. It turned out to be Christian's Christmas present. I'd mailed it on December 6th and was wondering why it hadn't been delivered yet. Apparently some asshole had taken the package, stolen most of what was inside, sealed it up again and scratched off the address. And so it was returned to me as "undeliverable." At least not everything was stolen. I guess.

That's enough complaining from me. Everything should work out eventually. January always stinks for me, it seems. At least so far this year it's only been stuff instead of my health. Things are always replaceable, though I am really hoping that if nothing else, my mom's friend can save the rest of my novel.


Christian said...

Those damn post office bastards! How dare they not look after my very important package with the snowman poop >.> At least you got yours, that's all I care about :D

And hopefully your mom's friend can salvage your book so I can read it <.<


Niall said...

I hope the book can be salvaged too. I wanted to read it as well! >.>

Sorry I didn't get to chat to you on msn yesterday. I did message you, but after about 20 mins I got the 'Message was not received' shit :(

*cuddle* Maybe this year will go really well for you. With any luck all the shit stuff has happened, and now you have the best stuff to look forward to :)


Jadey said...

Assholes who steal post deserve to have their privates cut off with an envelope opener¬_¬
Annnywho enough of that....
I really do not like January's, usually cause they fuck you over <3
But I really hope your hard drive can be salvaged.