Sunday, June 7, 2009

Goals update 7

Again, it's time for a goals update, and I haven't managed to write any other entries. I've decided I'm not going to force anything for the next couple of months. I've been trying too hard to decide what I want to write and trying to find the time...and it's making the blogging not fun for me. So for now I'll stick with the goals updates for sure, and the occasional other entry when I have something to talk about. Then once I'm back at the end of July maybe I'll have a bit more motivation to write.

1. Read 75 of my own books that I've never read before. Still 54 to go. The books I've finished lately were ones I'd borrowed from other people. I'm back to my own now, and I want to get this goal to under 50 by the next update.

2. Watch all of the movies I own and have never watched. I did make a list of these, but then I deleted it by accident, so I'll have to redo it. Haven't watched anything lately though; I've been back into a lot of shows instead.

3. Complete 12 video games. I'm on the last Phoenix Wright case, and I'll hopefully finish it this week. I'm also going to keep working on Bioshock, so I can pick up the second game if I want to whenever it comes out.

4. Travel. Philly was fantastic, as always. Went to the circus (may blog about that eventually since I have pics and videos to post) and a Memorial Day party. I may go back for a weekend at the end of June, but I need to see if I can work it out financially. I'm also looking into a few other day trips. My plans for Ireland are coming along, though to be honest I'm not even excited to go at this point. Maybe it's just stress and I'll be more excited once the trip actually rolls around.

5. Continue to learn Japanese. Going well, but I'm going to cut back on this one for a while. I'd like to concentrate more on some of my other goals until after I get back from Ireland, plus at that point I can look into the Rosetta Stone software. I will continue working on this enough so that I don't forget what I've learned, but I'm not pushing it.

6. Finish one of my Nano novels. Still working on my first novel. I got stuck on it as well but skipped ahead a few chapters and went into something else. I figure I can always go back to the other part and write it later.

7. Write every day. I didn't do as well with this the last few weeks. However, I recently came up with a new writing project that I'm really excited for, so it will be easier to keep up with this goal. (For the two of you who know of said project, please don't talk about it right now; I don't want to go into it with everyone especially while it's not even started)

8. Let other people read my writing. Still no progress here.

9. Clean out my stuff, and get organized. The end of May has come and gone, and I'm still not finished with this. My new goal is the end of June, though I'd prefer to get it done in the next week and a half. I'm getting closer to being finished, and at least at this point the end is in sight.

10. New wardrobe. I still haven't done anything with this, and I really need to. I'm going to concentrate on this goal for the next couple of updates. For next time I'm going to at least have a list of what I need, even if I don't get the chance to pick anything up (that may have to wait until I get paid in a few weeks due to other expenses).

11. Exercise 5 hours per week. This is going okay, though the hockey finals have thrown my schedule off a bit. I'm working on a weekly schedule that I can stick with as I think it might be a bit easier than working out when I feel like it. Overall I'm happy with this goal though.

Save money, and learn to manage my money wisely. I'm sticking with my budget for the most part, though it's not perfect. A number of little things have come up that I've needed to get...but that's why I had some money left unbudgeted. Ireland will probably decimate my savings but that's what I've been saving for so I'm fine with that. I can start building up again once I get back.

Eat healthy. Started Weight Watchers last week. I'm glad I didn't do the plan through work as their program had no online tools and that's what I really wanted. However, the people participating did get a code to get 3 months of the online program for 50% off, and a friend gave me hers. I started that on Tuesday. With a few exceptions I was already eating fairly well so I don't have a ton of changes to make. I also picked up a little journal so I can keep track of my eating and exercising.

Photography. I picked up a book on travel photography last night at Barnes and Noble. I also found a book for my Canon I'm ordering off Amazon tonight or tomorrow. I also need more memory cards, an extra battery, a couple filters, and maybe an extra lens. I'm sure I'm forgetting a couple of things. I'm going to try and order everything by the next update, so then for the last 3-4 weeks before Ireland I can concentrate on getting through the books and learning as much as I can, and getting out to practice.

And that's enough for now. A few of these should be completed and coming off the list within the next month or two, so I'm quite happy with my progress so far this year. Now, off to watch some more Doctor Who!


Niall said...


As ever, you're doing very well :) Keep it up, you dedicated slacker :P


Niall said...

Oh, how was the circus? I've never been to one D:

Christian said...


And you are doing very well :D. We love having you guys here, so come back more!

Keep it up :D