Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Goals Update 6

I am doing very badly with this blogging thing. I have a ton of entries halfway done. Really need to start finishing and publishing them. In the meantime, it's been about a month since my last update...

1. Go back for my bachelor's degree. Filled out yet more paperwork. Applied for some grants and waiting to hear on those. Considering a summer class or two but not sure if it's feasible, or necessary. The main aim is to go back for about 9 credits in the fall. Full time if I can afford it and handle the workload. Would get finished much more quickly that way, plus there tends to be better financial aid available for full time students. We'll see.

2. Design and get my second tattoo. I have a couple of different ideas. Not sure what I'm going with, or where I'm going to get the tattoo yet! Not going to post any specifics until I have a better idea of what I'm doing though.

3. Photography. I have a couple of hard drives bookmarked that I might buy sooner or later. Have to save money first. But I have plenty of room on my new computer, so for now I'll keep one backup of photos on there, and one on the external drive I already have.

4. WriYe. Been making up some ground here. I'm about 11,000 words behind. It's slow, but I'm making some progress at least. I'm hoping to cut that in half by the next time I update, but we'll see how it goes.

5. Write in journal at least once a week. Still doing this fairly regularly.

6. Save money. Bought my new computer, and wrote a check last night to pay it off. Hurt my savings account a bit, but I'm hoping to make it up fairly quickly. Then I'll continue to add to savings. Unfortunately, I have a number of other things I need to get paid off, so I'm not sure how long it will take to get where I want to be. It seems like every time I pay one thing off, another pops up.

7. I want to go see at least 12 different concerts/shows this year. Saw Macbeth performed by Seton Hill, and also went to see a local band over the weekend, which brings me up to 7. The band kind of stunk actually, but oh well. It was a fun time regardless.

8. Read 30,000+ pages. I'm now up to 16,400 pages. I've slowed down a little bit, which means that I haven't finished a book in....three days hahaha. I've been spending time watching Battlestar Galactica instead, but I'm continuing to read and as soon as I finish the show I'll probably pick it up again. Actually, I will probably read a LOT more as summer kicks in, as it's one thing that I can do outside.

9. Write 52 new blogs. I'll be posting some of my halfway finished ones soon. I promise. I think I'm just frustrated that no one reads these to begin with, so what's the point? I'm just really busy, and sometimes it seems silly to spend time posting stories and reviews no one reads.

10. Music goal. Just got the new computer. I've stalled on this goal though, as I don't have any new artists. Hard to come up with bands I've never heard or or listened to before until I actually get suggestions from people!

11. Watch 100 different movies. 43 now. I'm going to try and get back into more movies as soon as I finish the rest of Battlestar Galactica. Plus I have a couple in theaters that I should be seeing over the next week or two.

12. Learn more in general. I managed to finish two of my nonfiction books, and I'm hoping to get through another one or two before the next update.

Not doing badly on most of the goals, but I'd like to put some more time into some of them - the tattoo in particular. I'd also like to finally post at least three or four different blogs if I get the chance to finish them. We'll see....


west street sith said...

For new music to check out i can recomend Maria and the Diamonds and Pabloma Faith :-)

Denise said...

Thanks, will check those out! :D

west street sith said...

Heres a link to Maria and the diamonds doing an acustic version of Hollywood.enjoy :-)

Anne said...

Read your blog! I like it! Get busy and start posting. Where are you considering going to school?