Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Big Decisions

So, I decided to withdraw from classes today. It's probably one of the most difficult decisions I've had to make in a long time. I really wanted to graduate this semester. I'm already behind when I should have graduated due to medical problems, and I didn't want to push it back even more.

But in all honesty, it's probably for the best. I really do want to continue in school and get my Bachelor's degree. And if I finished out the semester I know my GPA would suffer. Having my grades drop like that and then applying for a transfer wouldn't look good at all. I was hoping to be able to bring my grades up, but it's not feasible. I'd have to get near perfect grades on everything for the rest of the semester.

Of course, there are a few problems with this plan too. I'm not going to be able to get my money back for this semester, unfortunately. I might be able to get a portion back though, since I'm withdrawing due to medical reasons. That would help a bit. I wouldn't care so much about the money, but I'm going to need it to pay for tuition when I do get to take these last classes I need (hopefully over summer and fall). But if I had a portion of the money back maybe I could pay for one or two of them. Then it wouldn't be so vital for me to have a lot of money saved over the next couple of months. And hopefully if I get through the classes in the next two semesters, I won't have to shell out for new textbooks either. I'm just praying taxes is offered in the summer, or I might have to try and just struggle through this semester.

Also, I now have to get a job. This is a worry for me. I'd really like to get something in accounting, but now I haven't finished the degree so I can't put it on my resume. It's fine if I make it to the interview phase. I can easily explain that I only have a few classes left, and that most of them aren't even relevant to accounting. And I can explain that the reason it's taken so long (and why I've been out of work) is because of medical issues, that are now fixed. My worry is that I'm not even going to get interviews. That the people will see that I took time off in order to go back for my degree...and then didn't even finish it, and just toss my resume/application right into the garbage.

I suppose I don't have to get something in accounting, or that I can get something entry level and then try and get promoted after I technically finish. The same worries still apply somewhat though. Many employers don't seem to look kindly on time taken off work.

Whatever happens, happens. I just hope that I can get something fairly soon, that's decent. I don't want to work some shit job in retail. I don't want to go back to telemarketing. Actually, I should give Jay a call. I seem to remember him saying that Enterprise hires for their accounting even if you don't have a degree, and that you just got more money for a degree. That might work. But then again, I also seem to remember him saying something like everyone in the company starts in sales. I can't do that. It's not something I'd like to do, plus I want to avoid commission at all costs. The economy sucks; I don't want my living to rely on my ability to sell people cars.

I've been working on my resume, and I'm going to come up with a list of places to apply for by the end of the week. I'm hoping to actually apply or drop off resumes at a few of them as well. Then, next week, the search is really on. I'm going to devote at least four hours a day to it. Either searching for stuff online, making calls, or driving around applying to places. Whatever it takes.

I should also go through and organize my clothes. I think i have enough nice work clothes to last me for a while at least, but I have to actually get them out and see. See what fits and if there's anything I need right away, or what can wait for a bit, etc. I don't think I have much when it comes to summer clothes. And I'm not sure if all of my clothes will still fit. I bought quite a lot of them a couple of years ago.

On an unrelated note, I got a letter today from the medical aid people. I don't quite understand it, to be honest. It's not the packet of stuff that I got last year; it's just this letter with some legal jargon that is rather confusing. However, if I read it right, I think that they're going to cover all medical expenses incurred from January 29th through February 8th. Which would include every medical bill I got for the surgery, hospital stay, and everything else. That would be wonderful. One less thing for me to worry about financially.

So, what I need to do now. Find a job, as soon as possible. Save up money for tuition for a class or two first thing, and then start putting some money aside for Otakon in August. Maybe I'll make another small trip or two, depending on how soon I get working, how well I'm paid (or not), and how many hours I manage to get. Even if the pay is crap, a full-time job should allow me to have at least some fun over the summer. Then save as much money as I can. First for a car, and then just so that I can move out.

Oh, and call the people tomorrow to see if I really have those medical benefits, before I make the assumption that I'm fine and then end up owing money to creditors. >_>

Anyway, I think that's enough for tonight. I've been babbling quite long enough. It might not be very interesting to anyone else, though I really needed to get my thoughts organized with everything that's been going on, and where I need to go from here. Once again, I promise I'll post something interesting soon.


Jadey said...

Thats really good about the medical bills, if it does mean they will cover all=]
Sucks that you had to drop classes, but at least you can focus on the classes you have now and bring your grades up and what not.

And it will work out hun, don't fret about the jobs, someone will see your potential, and more than likely you will end up getting like 6 interviews and having to turn jobs down. :P

Christian said...

*prays the insurance pays for everything* ^_^

I know dropping classes makes you feel like shit, but I think its for the best too. Going back with better financial security will take alot of pressure off.


Niall said...

Denise, you kick ass, so I do wish you the bestest of luck with the job hunting :) <3

Shame that you had to drop your classes. You've worked sooooo hard to keep on top of everything too, even with everything that has gone on. *huggles* But I guess that this is for the best, and I do hope it all works out for you.

Oh, and the thing about the medical bills is great :)

<3 you