Friday, March 28, 2008

Goals Update 6

1. Finish my degree/get a job. Well, I've withdrawn from two of my classes. I'm keeping the other two for now, though I will probably end up withdrawing from a third. We'll see. The focus now is on finding a job. Going to devote at least 3-4 hours a day to this during the week, and whatever I can do on weekends considering a lot of the places I'd apply to aren't open.

2. Continue my education. Might cut this one out entirely. I still plan to do it, but it's obviously not going to happen in 2008. Though I don't need my associates degree to transfer and start taking classes. Or even just apply to schools for the Spring 2009 semester. Hmm. I'll have to think about it.

3. Finish my Nano novel. I have been working on my first Nano novel again. I even did some word wars the other night. The girl I was warring with wants to start doing that a few times a week, so that'll keep me going.

4. Nano 2008. It's only March. >_>

5. Play the flute and piano. Ooops. Forgot to email my mom about the keyboard. Should have talked to her on Easter now that I think of it. But, I have to email her anyway about some books of hers I've finished, so I'll make sure and add that in. Played my flute a couple of times.

6. Write every day. I've been doing alright, but still not up to every day. Probably at least every 2-3 days right now. The word wars that I mentioned earlier will help, and Chris also mentioned wanting to war. Even if I only do a war or two, that'll be a big help getting me writing more regularly.

7. Update this blog, etc. Been doing well with the blog, though I feel all I do lately is bitch and moan. Haven't written in the others though. I will get back into the daily pages for my next update though.

8. Let other people read my writing. Nothing this time.

9. Exercise three days a week. Four times last week, five this week. It's finally a habit for the most part. Get up, do some things, work out before lunch. I want to keep that up if possible, and add some weights in.

10. Read 104 books. About halfway on this one, so I should have no troubles completing it.

11. Take some trips. Ireland is out. Can't really take a graduation trip if I don't graduate. Danielle and I might hit a convention in two weeks, though I'm not sure if that's considered a "trip." Otakon is still happening as of now. I'd like to fit a couple of others in as well if I can, though I'm not sure what. A trip to Philly perhaps, or maybe the beach for a long weekend if I can get a couple of friends together.

12. Learn Japanese. Working through some podcasts. This is something I'll probably devote more time to since I'm not quite as busy at the moment.

13. Physical therapy for my hand. One of these days I'll be able to move my damn finger normally. Still plugging away.

14. Time management. Now that I don't have insane amounts of things I need to get done, it's going slightly better. I'd like to get used to managing my schedule now, when I don't have as much to fit in it. That's probably a big part of why I was having so many troubles before.

15. Start buying less stuff, and finish what I have lying around the house. I have a bit more free time now. Going to try and finish whatever I can after I've done my job hunting and schoolwork for the day. Just because I don't have as much to do, I don't want to fall into a habit of lying about not doing anything.

16. Do a book review for Jade's vlog. Still haven't done this. I picked out a few books and started to do one for GRRM, but couldn't get it right. Dealing with my school stuff, I didn't have time to screw with it again. She hasn't even talked about doing another vlog yet, so I don't think it matters. Jade, if you're actually going to keep going, let me know and I'll have a book review for next week. If not this goal can be taken off the list entirely.

17. Learn to work Photoshop. I've had it for ages and never even used it. Just reinstalled it, and I want to learn the basics at least. I've found some tutorials online and I'll start going through them this week.

I'm hoping to make real progress on some of these over the next few weeks, while I have the time. Hopefully I'll get a job relatively soon, and then I'll have to reevaluate this list and probably take some of these off. I'll worry about that when I get to it. ^_^


Christian said...



That is all :D


Jadey said...

it's great that you're keeping up to date on these goals:D i love reading about them.
And yes i am. I might film one this week either post this or next but i have one editing atm, its different to what i normally do but still.:)
so let me know and i can edit all in ^^
Sucks you can't come but i can understand why it's difficult etc. <3

Hopefully after thursday i will be around more. first day back i have 3 tests tomorrow and a hell of alot of studying >_<

Niall said...

So...many...goals! My little personal goals pale in comparison :P

I need to steal your goal regarding updating blogs. Three posts in two months on mine means I fail :P

Oh, and when you start getting good at japanese, do a book review speaking in japanese if you can XD