Friday, May 23, 2008

Goals Update 10

Time for another of these already? This year seems to be flying. >_<>_> I'll keep working on it. Piano...this one is getting removed until I get the keyboard. My mom is completely swamped writing some grant proposal so she doesn't get a pay cut, and I don't want to keep bugging her. When I get a chance I'll go and look for it myself and then I can get started.

4. Write every day. Unfortunately not getting much time in, but at least I'm trying. I miss the occasional day (maybe once a week) but I've been doing pretty well otherwise.

5. Let other people read my writing. Blah. Sent some stuff to Shel but need to write more if I want to actually do this more.

6. Exercise 5 days a week. I've been scatterbrained the past two weeks and didn't consciously keep track. Nearly positive I hit this though.

7. Read 104 books. I'll probably be done with this one by the next update, definitely the one after it. I'm somewhere in the 90s now.

8. Take some trips. Since Doug is finally done with the semester I can get him to help me with Baltimore stuff. That should be taken care of sometime this coming week. Trying to come up with a time that would be good to visit Philadelphia too, and will probably plan something to Erie in a few months.

9. Learn Japanese. Still doing well with this one. One of those podcasts a day seems to be working out for now.

10. Physical therapy for my hand. Got a new stress ball (^_^) so back to doing this as usual. I'm going to start working on it even more than I have in an attempt to get it back to normal more quickly. Having a writing class this summer should help.

11. Time management. Back to improving at this after the two shitty weeks. As long as I continue to improve this without too much backsliding, I'll probably take this one off in a month or two.

Start buying less stuff, and finish what I have lying around the house. I actually didn't buy anything, despite going to the used bookstore. I'm impressed haha. Finishing everything that I have is probably going to take forever, but I'm very slowly making some noticeable headway.

13. Learn Photoshop. I have discovered I am not an artistic person. That and I don't know what half the buttons on Photoshop do. I'll have to start spending a bit more time on this one if I don't want it to take months.

14. Organize my stuff and get rid of unnecessary clutter. The books turned out to be a bigger project than I'd expected, and I had less time than I thought I would to work on them. Have everything for BookMooch organized, and sold what textbooks I could. I still need to pack those up and drop them off at the post office, drop another box at the library, and then reorganize my shelves. Also, if anyone knows what you can do with older textbooks that no one will take, please comment and let me know.

For next time I'll finish what's left that I have to do with the books, and then get through all of my other media. DVDs, games, CDs. I'm absolutely horrible with getting rid of any of these things, but I either need to learn to or find a more efficient way to keep them organized and stored.

15. Get through borrowed stuff. Finished Buffy season 2, three books I'd borrowed from Pat, and also one of his games. I didn't get to any of the borrowed movies but oh well, I got through more than I'd honestly expected to. For the next, I'm not sure. I'll try and get through the first 3 discs of Buffy season 3, I suppose. Try and watch the borrowed movies again, and read two or three books. Play some FFIX, though I doubt I'll have time to get through much of it. I'm not sure what time I'll have after job hunting and my summer class and I don't want to overdo it.

Good enough for now. I'm spending the weekend with friends, and going to see both Prince Caspian and Indiana Jones, so I'll probably update again in a few days.


Christian said...

Yay new stress ball! Hehe, ball. >.>

Woooo another buffy down. Slowly gettin through all my crap...before I send you more <.<

Denise said...

Heh, I know. I might be returning some of your crap soonish.

Don't send me anything else though without asking me, as I'm seriously trying to get all of that under control. Unless it's Angel season 3. >_>