Friday, May 9, 2008

Goals Update 9

Wow, time for a goals update already. This is why I should not be a week late posting them. >_>

Since I was a week late getting the last post up, and I changed around a lot of the goals to make them more specific, a lot of these updates will only include the last week or so, the time since I actually made the changes.

1. Get a job. Working on it. Bleh. I'm tired and frustrated and don't want to go into it any more than that.

2. Finish my Nano novel - write 10 pages or edit 20 pages. I wrote a little over four pages, but that's it. About right for a week though. I'll try for the same amount next time, though hopefully I'll be able to increase it soon.

3. Play the flute and piano twice a week. Played flute once this week. I really need to get music before the next update. Also, talked to my mom on my grandma's birthday, about the keyboard. She hasn't really looked for it yet, but said she would. She's busy with graduation and stuff so I'll give her another week before bugging her about it again.

4. Write every day. Doing well on this, aside from days I'm really busy (like last weekend). Sometimes it's utter crap, but I'm getting to the point where I at least open one of my stories and write something nearly every day.

5. Let other people read my writing. I swear I'll do this eventually. >_>

6. Exercise 5 days a week. Four times this week, which was good considering everything else going on. Should be back to five from here on.

7. Read 104 books. I'm through 79 I think. Will finish this one fairly soon.

8. Take some trips. Need to book the hotel for Otakon. Got behind due to Cath and because of some credit card issues. Hopefully will get that straightened out over the weekend.

9. Learn Japanese. Three podcasts this week. I'm getting through more since I set a measurable goal for this. Hopefully I'll keep it up.

10. Physical therapy for my hand. Getting there. Need to either find my stress ball or get a new one asap.

11. Time management. Backslid, a lot. That's probably in large part because of Cath; I really just didn't care. Spent far too much time doing nothing. Not even reading or whatever, just wandering about on the internet or grumbling that I didn't know what to do. Definitely want to get back on track with this as quickly as possible.

Start buying less stuff, and finish what I have lying around the house. Danielle gave me a B&N gift card for fixing up her laptop, so I used that. Other than that the only thing I bought was the second issue of The Long Road Home. Still making my way through what I have, though it's taking forever.

13. Learn Photoshop. Nothing with this, been too busy.

Organize my stuff and get rid of unnecessary clutter. First up was the books. I put a bunch of books on BookMooch and organized all of those into one box. I have another box for the library. Have a couple more boxes to go through and then I can organize the rest.

15. Get through borrowed stuff. I'm halfway through Buffy, finished one book, and am partway through two others. I should still be able to get through all I'd wanted to in the next two weeks.

Okay, that's good enough. I'm off, as I'm heading into the city soon for the hockey game and need to get the cooler packed. GO PENS!!!!


Christian said...


You realize as soon as you finish what you have I'm sending you more, right? :D


Denise said...

I'm sorry, who won that game again? ;)


And I know you will, but you're not the only one lending me stuff. Plus you aren't always going to be able to send me 6 books and 12 DVD sets at a time. Eventually you'll run out of stuff I haven't seen/read.

I hope.

Christian said...

Yknow whats funny, I didn't even realize we were playing each other. I was just being anti-Pitt >.>.


By the time you get through my stuff I'll have all new shit to send ;) The cycle continues.

Niall said...

So your team won then? Yay! ^_^

You really are dedicated to achieving your goals :) Especially the book one! Why not aim for 200 books by the end of the year? ;P

Denise said...

I've gone back and forth about changing the goal to 150 or 200.

But...the point of the goals is to achieve them, not keep changing them just because I don't happen to take an entire year to do so. I should pass 200 whether I have a goal saying that or no, so I'm not sure there's any point to changing the goal. Again.

I want to actually complete my goals. I want the sense of accomplishment from seeing the list shrinking and realizing how much I've done. Constantly changing goals to make them take longer and never actually end would take that feeling away.

I'm going to keep track regardless, and I'd like to get to 200. I just don't think I'm going to change the goal.

Besides, what happens when I get a job and don't have as much time? I might not hit 200. Then I'd feel bad for losing on a goal when in reality I completed it, and then doubled it, then tried to push it too far. :P

Niall said...

Oh, good point there :)

Jadey said...

yay for getting stuff done :)