Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hockey fun

Woooooo the Pens won last night! ^_^

The game was a lot of fun, even though nothing went exactly the way we'd planned. Just before the Squirrel Hill tunnels we turned on the radio to catch some of the pregame show. We were just in time to hear them announce that the area outside of Gate C (where they set up the huge screen and everyone camps out to watch, and where we were headed) was filled to capacity and if you were still on your way you'd be best off finding someplace else to go. Since we were already into the city, I texted my brother and asked him if he could think of anywhere else we could watch the game. He messaged me back saying that if he'd known ten minutes earlier we could have gone to his house, but that he'd just left to watch the game at his friend's place. Figures.

We decided to head to the arena and give it a shot, at least. We didn't want to go to a bar or anything and have to pay for drinks, and we didn't want to drive the whole way home and not see half the game. After two complete trips around the arena unsuccessfully searching for a parking spot, a guy waved us into a lot. We paid twenty bucks to park up on an island of grass in the middle of the lot, haha. Could have been worse; parking was up to $40 in some of them.

The area by Gate C was not nearly as full as they made it sound on the radio. We found plenty of space in the back. We were close to the street but had a clear view of the screen. I got to try and hold our space while Danielle went back to the car for the chairs. Thankfully she didn't take long, as more people were showing up constantly. But we got set up, finally, and got comfortable. At which point it started to rain. And guess what the one thing was that Danielle left in the car? That's right; the umbrella. Of course by the time she got back from her second trip to the car with the umbrella, we didn't even use it.

Even though we had all of those small hassles, the game was a blast. Pens won 4-2, and the atmosphere and energy at the game were just incredible. We also got a fireworks show after the game, directly over our car. I'm glad we decided to brave the weather and go down there. I'm really hoping that I get the opportunity to get down there for at least one more game this season.

Looking forward to the game tomorrow night as well. Hopefully we'll continue to play as well as we've been and make the series 2-0. GO PENS!


Tears said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I'm rootin for the Pens too.

Christian said...

The game was rigged. Your team is the PENGUINS. They live in the ice and shit. Against the Flyers? Clearly we were at a disadvantage there.

Also, Tears is a bandwagon honkey. Thats right, I said it. HONKEY.

That is all <3.

Niall said...

I don't know much about hockey, but I hope the Pens win :P


James said...


Hope you are liking Fables ^.^

Jadey said...

whoa, excellent its a good thing you decided to just find out if it was full or not, sounds like you had soo much fun:) <3