Thursday, June 5, 2008

Caspian, Indy, and Seneca

I'm a bit late with this update, but oh well. I've been pretty busy.

Completely forgot to mention the last time I posted that I'd been to the movies. Saw both Prince Caspian and Indiana Jones over Memorial Day weekend. Caspian was excellent. They added some stuff that wasn't in the book but that just made it more interesting.
I don't think the book on its own wouldn't have made for an good movie. There's a really big part in the middle where there isn't any real action; they're just traveling around and talking and it would have been boring to only watch that.

Indy was pretty good too. I don't think it's on par with the originals but I still enjoyed it. I don't really get the complaints some people had. Sure, the vine swinging thing was pretty bad and cheesy. But I've heard people bitch that it "was completely unrealistic." Um, because all of the other Indy movies were so very realistic? I mean, nothing far fetched at all in finding the Ark of the Covenant and having it melt Nazi's faces off.

Then last Saturday I got up at stupid o'clock to head to Seneca with Shelly. The drive was a bit over two hours, and that was even stopping for coffee and getting stuck at an accident, so it wasn't bad. We went straight to the dealership and met her new boss, Tamala. The woman is absolutely insane, and I mean that in a good way. She's just like Shel, times ten. Those of you who know Shelly will understand what I mean by that, and how very scary it is to think of them both working at the same place. =P

We went looking for apartments, and got lucky because Shel fell in love with the first place we saw. It's a really nice apartment and the landlady was fantastic. The town it's in (Franklin I believe) is gorgeous. Plus it's in Shel's price range and will be available on the 20th, so she's good to move the 21st. I'm glad that all worked out, as finding a place to relocate to on such short notice was really stressing her out.

Then we had lunch with Tamala before heading back home. Tamala offered to send my resume to her sister, who is the vice-president of some company and could definitely get me a job at any number of places, just because of all her connections. Well, she won't even recommend me until she sees that my resume and grades are what I said they are. But once she does I'm guaranteed a job. And it'll actually be in my field too so that's excellent. Only problem is that I don't know for sure if it'd be around here or in the city, and I don't know when I could start working. So I'm continuing to look around here as well. I may find something else in the meantime, or at least get something short-term. At any rate it's still pretty exciting.

We stopped for ice cream at The Meadows just before we got back to my house. How have I never been there before in the past 25 years? It's probably the best ice cream I've ever had. Will definitely be making it a point to go more often. >_>

I'm sure I originally had a lot more to talk about from that weekend but it's completely slipped my mind. Must not have been that important. If it is I'll add it in later.

Class starts Monday. Here's hoping it doesn't take all of my time and I can actually still have some fun with the rest of my summer!


Jadey said...

Ohhhhh, your weekend was pretty eventful, again like i said earlier, thats excellent about the job and i relaly hope she finds you something :)

Christian said...

YAY ICE CREAM!!!! *screams*

Caspian was really good. Much better than the first imo. The acting was much better :P I loved Indy as much as I remember of the old ones. Haven't seen them in awhile, but I liked it quite alot.

Hooray for job connections! That should hopefully pan out for you :D


Niall said...

Haha, you were out checking out apartments, eating ice cream and having lunch with your friend's new boss, and I was stuck moving furniture and cleaning. *is jealous, and wants ice cream* >.>

Indiana Jones was pretty awesome. Apart from the last 10 mins, in which it got weird :P Wasn't as awesome as Raiders though, as nothing beats the power of God melting Nazi faces! XD