Friday, June 6, 2008

Goals Update 11

1. Get a job. Talked about the Tamala thing in the last post. Still not sure when that would pan out though, so I'm still looking around here. I have three jobs at the school I am applying for, and I'm sure I can find a few other places to try.

2. Nano novel. I'm a bit stuck right now. Still managed to write 8 pages though I wish I had done more. I'm not sure how well I'll stick to this goal over the next month or so.

3. Play flute. Twice a week for 30 minutes seems to be working out. It's not that much time to fit in but it's enough to actually notice a bit of improvement.

4. Write every day. I've been having some writer's block issues but I managed to fit in about 20 minutes a day, even when I didn't write much.

5. Let other people read my writing. Showed Shelly a bit more of my one Nano book. Not sure what I'm going to do when she moves.

6. Exercise 5 days a week. Did at least that. Thank goodness for air conditioning in my room or I have no idea how I'd keep any sort of exercise plan in this 95 degree humid shit weather. If I keep this again over the next two weeks I'll be removing it from the list. I would now but I want to make sure I keep making the time now that I'll be busier.

7. Read 104 books. DONE. After six months...yeah I need to read less.

8. Take some trips. Otakon in August, yadda yadda. Still trying to figure out the particulars so that I can decide whether any other trips are feasible this summer. Or even in the fall.

9. Learn Japanese. Still getting through about one podcast today. I've learned quite a bit so far. I might not be doing the podcasts every day while my class is running, but I will at least look over everything I know every day or two so I don't lose any of what I've learned .

10. Physical therapy. My hand is so much better than it used to be. I've started doing the therapy a couple of times a day and it's made a difference.

11. Time management. Been doing well with this. Monday will start the true test though. Taking a 15 week intensive writing course as a 6 week summer class will make me manage my time if I don't want to fail. Honestly, if I manage to do well fitting everything in during the next 6 weeks, between job hunting, the class, and just trying to enjoy my summer, I think I can safely take this goal off the list.

Start buying less stuff, and finish what I have lying around the house. Mooched a couple of books that came up from my wish list. Also finally found Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett at Patty's for $0.50, so I picked that up. I've read quite a few more books though so that's good. I need to get through as many as I can over the next couple of weeks so I don't feel bad going to Patty's sidewalk sale (hurray for $0.10 books!) on the 20th. Also need to start spending some more time watching my movies and/or playing games. I've been getting through books like crazy but neglecting those.

13. Learn Photoshop. Spent a few hours on this. Managed to figure out what the point of most of the buttons is at least. Also fiddled with different brushes for a while. I'm starting to get more comfortable with the different features. I might be able to actually do a few (simple) things now without it either failing miserably or having it take hours.

14. Organize my stuff and get rid of unnecessary clutter. Organized my books, DVDs, CDs, and video games as well. Got rid of quite a lot of books, though I still have some textbooks I don't want. Kept all of the games and movies but they're organized and stored more efficiently now. I even have some extra space. I know it'll be filled soon enough, knowing me, but at least I won't have to worry about it for a while.

Next I'm tackling my clothes and shoes. I have a lot of stuff, and since class is starting I'm not sure how long it will take, so I'm giving myself a month if I need it. Going to donate everything I don't wear or doesn't fit me, and try and figure out what if anything I actually may need to buy.

15. Get through borrowed stuff. Got through the first half of Buffy, and another three books. Of course, Shelly lent me another three books so I'm really not making any headway there. Didn't really get to anything else either.

For next time I'm not even worrying about Buffy. If I watch some that's great, but I'm going to try and finish the four movies I have first and foremost. Also want to read all three of Shelly's books so that I can return them to her before she moves. Then I don't have to store them until the next time I see her. I'll also play some FFIX hopefully.

And that's it for this update. Finally knocked off the books goal (whee!) and it looks like at least a couple of others will be off soon too. I feel productive, haha.


Jadey said...

Definitely productive, all really positive this week yay :)

Christian said...

PLAY GAAAAAAAAMES!!!! Get your face outta them books and kill shit! UNCLE SAM WANTS YOU TO PLAY GAMES!!

I am not responsible for what I write, I know not what I say, please help me.


Niall said...

Good to see that you've stuck to these goals, and in terms of reading, surpassed what you aimed for :)

And it seems as though you're getting to grips with Photoshop faster than me, as I still have no clue what the buttons do =(