Friday, June 20, 2008

Goals Update 12

1. Get a job. Working on it. God, the job market sucks. Found a temp agency and should be able to easily pick up a couple of things there. It's something at least, while I continue to look for something more permanent. Tamala's sister is still going to try and get me a job, but right now all that's open is in Pittsburgh so I can't take them. I'm not going to just sit around and wait for something closer to home.

2. Nano novel. I feel bad, I haven't even opened this the last two weeks. I've been stupidly busy lately and class has started. I'm going to make time to work on it at least a couple of times over the next two weeks.

3. Play flute. Did twice last week. Nearly forgot this week but then played for about an hour Wednesday, so still keeping up with what I wanted to do.

4. Write every day. Haven't really done this either. Too busy getting into the swing of my class, which is taking up a lot of my time. I'll start fitting some writing in now that I've gotten my schedule together.

5. Let other people read my writing. Let Shelly read some more of my stuff, and now she's moved. I'm not sure where I'm going to go with this goal. I guess I can email her once she gets internet set up in her apartment, and maybe find another person or two to start sending stuff to.

6. Exercise 5 days a week. Kept this again, so I'm taking this goal off the list. If there's a noticeable decline in my exercising I'll put it back on, but I think it's enough of a habit that I don't need the constant reminder.

7. Take some trips. New York will be in August, for sure. Philly is looking doubtful, as I haven't figured out a weekend that would actually work for everyone involved. I will absolutely be going up to see Shelly sometime in the next few months, she and I have already talked about it. Ireland, I don't know. Not knowing what is going on with a job and school in the fall is making me unable to plan that trip, so it might have to wait until next spring or something.

8. Learn Japanese. I haven't had the time for learning anything new. I've looked over everything I know regularly so I don't forget most of it. That's probably going to have to do for the next month.

9. Physical therapy. I've been fitting this in once a day, sometimes twice. I'm going to try and continue with twice a day so that I can be done sooner. Noticing a good bit of progress now.

10. Time management. This has been going quite well. Even though I'm insanely busy, I've been juggling everything easily, and even finding time for fun. If the next two weeks go as well, I'll take this goal off the list.

Start buying less stuff, and finish what I have lying around the house. I bought a bunch of books since Patty's had her sidewalk sale, and I wanted to mooch the next Sword of Truth book since a good copy finally came available. I also bought a new game. I still spent less than $20 on all of that though, so I don't feel bad about it. It's the most I've spent on myself (for fun things) in months.

12. Learn Photoshop. I didn't open Photoshop over the past two weeks either. If the weather continues to be rainy though I will this time. I've just been spending a lot of time out enjoying the sun. I don't feel like screwing around on the computer, not when I already have to be on so much for classwork.

Organize my stuff and get rid of unnecessary clutter. Said last time I'd be working on the clothes. So far I haven't gotten that far, especially since Shelly gave me that huge box. I did get through that at least, and I've organized all of my shoes. Have a lot of work ahead of me the next couple of weeks, though I hopefully won't have to buy anything now. We'll see if I get finished.

14. Get through borrowed stuff. Read and returned all of Shelly's books. Only got through one of the movies, but did manage to get a little bit of time in on FFIX. For next time I'm going to try and finish the library books I have out. Except for maybe Revenant, which is book 7 of the Indigo series that I mentioned in an earlier entry. I'm still only on book 2 of that so I don't know that I can get through all of those plus the other 5 library books I have out. At least, not with my class. =P

I'll also continue with FFIX. Not planning on any of the shows or movies really, as I don't want to sit around watching television. I'll get through a some when I get the chance but I'm not going to actually plan to do it.

Even though there were a few goals I didn't touch at all, I still feel that I've been getting a lot done. I do feel bad about the writing thing, though I've felt burnt out on that lately so maybe a little break is what I needed. And I also took another goal off the list. It's finally starting to become manageable, lol. Of course, I'll probably come up with more goals to add before long.....


Christian said...

Oh Philly is happening. It is INDEED going to happen. Remember my words ;)

You do remember that I've been asking to read your stuff for months? Just sayin...:P

Niall said...

The list is getting smaller =D You're doing well to be either completing your goals, or coming close to achieving them =)

I 'did' say I was going to set myself a few goals, but yeah...


Jadey said...

So....pretty productive i think... :)
And your list is getting smaller

Also i am loving the bookshelf :O that is awesome and very tidy looking ^_^