Monday, May 4, 2009


I finished my final for my tax class last night. It was horrible and I'm not sure how well I did, but at the same time I'm glad it's over. No more class stuff to worry about for a while...probably not until next spring as a matter of fact. At the very least I will have all summer off.

Now that I will actually have some free time, I have about a million things I want to do. For one, finishing my goal of cleaning and organizing my things. I also want to start working out every day after work again. And of course I'll have the time now to really get my trips organized and my budget worked out. I'm also considering remodeling my room, though I don't think it'll actually happen. I don't know about spending the time and money when I'm not sure how much longer I'll be here. I might rip out my carpet though; I hate it and would rather fix up the hardwood floor underneath.

With any time that's left I'll be trying to get through books/games/shows, and once the weather starts being nice (consistently) I'll be spending a lot of time outside and making some day trips. I'm considering taking up running again. I'd also like to start updating this more regularly. I'd like to post at least a few times a the goal updates more regularly and start posting other things. Most will probably just be my ramblings but I'm thinking of doing book reviews and such as well.

I love how I just finished school yesterday and I've already come up with about 20 different things to fill the time. I'm apparently not satisfied unless I'm running around like a nutcase.

In other news, my grandmother's cancer surgery is tomorrow. I'm stressed out about it, bu
t I'm a lot calmer than I thought I'd be. Everyone is pretty optimistic so I'm trying to keep that attitude as well. Unfortunately, I will have to be at work during the day. Originally I had the day off, and my mother was going to take off Wednesday to stay here. However, mom couldn't get Wednesday off due to meetings, so we switched. I'll be off Wednesday. On the one hand I do like that I'll be staying at home and don't have to worry about getting to and from Pittsburgh during rush hour, but I know I'll be pretty useless at work tomorrow. I gave mom my work number though so she can call periodically and keep me up to date.

And finally, I got my tattoo a few weeks ago. Here's a picture from right after I got it done, so it's still
all red and irritated. It's pretty much healed now but I haven't taken any recent pictures. I may or may not remember to take another picture to post sometime soon. Overall I'm pretty happy with it though.

Sorry if this post is a bit long and rambling, but I had a lot of little things I wanted to touch on. I'll be redoing a goals update as well in the next few days. Maybe. I'm getting quite frustrated with Blogger screwing up my blog posts so I may end up moving the entire thing elsewhere. Either way I'm sure I'll post soon.



Niall said...

You need a new pic of the tattoo :P

It's easy to remodel a room, especially if you don't need new furniture. Just see if a friend will help you out, and if you want to sort the hardwood flooring you can hire a sander/polisher thing that will even out the boards and give them a good finish ready for a coat of wood oil, then varnish :)

As for SC4 :D


Denise said...

It wouldn't be that difficult but I do have a LOT of pieces of furniture so that would be an issue. Also, I'd really like to repaint etc but I'm not sure.

We'll see if I decide to do it. I'll have to see how much it would cost as well. I don't want to spend a small fortune changing it if I'm going to be leaving fairly soon. :)

Christian said...

I think you're happiest when you're doing 80 million things >.> Keeps you busy :D.

And Niall's right; we do need a new pic of the footsune. Stat! :D

Jadey said...

Ok, fuck copying and pasting cause CLEARLY it doesnt work and clearly this blog despise me *stabs*

Although this is late YAYY for being finished and yay for your awesome Tattoo, it turned out so well D and its sooo pretty ^___^ It makes me like feet.

That was random, not really, but kind of.
Ripping up carpet can be a complete wanker, make sure you have lots of time if you're planning on doing it cause it can be a real shit.

But of course you find a million other things to do its what makes you you. And us :P

Wow that makes no sense
anyyyways yeah
Woo blog comment, it better fucking work this time :(