Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Goals update 5

So for whatever reason, Blogger messed up my last goal update. I'm not even trying to fix that one's about time for a totally new update anyway.

1. Read 75 of my own books that I've never read before. 57 to go. Now that I'm done with class for the semester I'll probably get through this goal much more quickly. Plus I've bought a bunch of books lately (shocking!) that I really want to get to.

2. Watch all of the movies I own and have never watched. I watched one today since I had the day off. I'll have to come up with a list of what's left so I know how much more I have to go.

3. Complete 12 video games. Still have 11 to go. I played some Bioshock and Phoenix Wright today, and this is another goal that I'll probably do better with now that the semester is officially over.

4. Travel. Philly is coming up soon. Camping has been put on hold for now. I have a few other small things planned though. Ireland is coming together a little bit. I've paid off the ticket entirely and have been making up my budget for the next few months so I make sure I have enough set aside for the trip. However, until Jade actually shows up and helps me on her end I'm kind of stuck. I hope this happens in the next day or two; I'm running out of time....

5. Continue to learn Japanese. I dropped this completely for the last few weeks. I was too busy with finals and my grandmother to worry about it. I'll get back to it now.

6. Learn to cook 12 new types of meals, and 6 desserts. Like I said before, I'll probably get into this more over the summer. I'd like to get through a few before I leave for Ireland but most will probably be after, just because of the money involved in buying all of the ingredients. It depends on what I decide to make and how much extra stuff I have to buy.

7. Finish one of my Nano novels. This is still going agonizingly slow, but I guess even a few sentences here and there is getting me that much closer to the end of the story. <---- I might as well just make that my permanent statement for this goal haha. I'm going to really attempt to write more now. If I'm not going to have class until next spring (possibly) I can spend a lot more time on my writing.

8. Write every day. I kept up with this pretty well throughout finals. I didn't write every day but I did write most days, even though it was often for only 10 minutes.

9. Let other people read my writing. Still no progress here.

10. Clean out my stuff, and get organized. I've already made some more progress here since finals ended. I had a big overstuffed chair that I got out of my room I have access to my second closet (and have room for yet another bookcase *looks innocent*). Since I'm seriously considering remodeling my room a bit this summer, I'd like to be finished with all of this cleaning by the end of May. It'll take a bit of work to make it by then but I think it's doable.

12. New wardrobe. Nothing with this since the last update. Once I have finished my budget I'm going to go shopping for some new summer clothes.

13. Exercise 5 hours per week. I haven't managed to hit 5 hours per week since I changed the goal, but I've still been doing the 3 hours. I definitely want to get back to 5-6 hours a week before the next update.

Save money, and learn to manage my money wisely. I did take some money out of savings to pay off my grandmother, so right now all I have debt-wise is my car and my student loan. My big project for the next week or so is drawing up a budget for the next three months or so, so I can pay for my trip and everything else I need, while hopefully keeping at least a part of my savings intact.

Eat healthy. My work is paying for Weight Watchers for anyone who is interested, for 17 weeks. I'm considering joining. Not because I'm really interested in losing weight, but I would like to learn more about eating better and portion sizes, etc. I have to decide by the end of the week, so I'll really have to think about it tonight and tomorrow.

Photography. Haven't had time for much. For one it's been raining nearly constantly here. I did get a number of pictures from Danielle's black belt recertification. I'll get more at my brother's college graduation this Saturday. I really need to order a camera bag (I'd had one picked out but it's now discontinued and not available, go figure!) and figure out what I'm doing about lenses and whatnot. I want to be sure I have enough time to learn to use any new accessories. Yet another thing I will be doing as soon as I get my budget set up...

I didn't make a lot of progress over the last month, but I did better than I really expected to. My top priority for next time is definitely working up a budget, as so many of my goals are tied into that. I'd also like to start writing maybe an hour or so a day. We'll see how that goes.


Niall said...

I always say it, but you're doing very well to keep up with your goals :) It's nice to have targets to achieve :D


Christian said...

Agreed with Niall, you're doin awesome :D.

My mom is a great cook, and I know she'd love to give you some pointers and recipes. Just ask her :D


Jadey said...

Okies you are doing so well D <3

First off, wow thats alot of books and it REALLY does not surprise me that you have gotten yet more books to read, then again by this point you probasbly have yet so many more.

:$ I have shown up now, that counts right?

I have a couple of recxipies for you if you like? PAsta dishes:) If you like spicey that is :)

thats still a good bit of progress :) <3
Keep it up D :)