Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Goals Update 15

Right, time for my last proper goal update of the year.

1. Play through some of my video games - 5+ hours a week. Spending a good bit of time on this especially in the last week. Completely addicted to Arkham Asylum at the moment, and should be completing it in the next few days at the rate I'm going. Then I'll probably move on to Uncharted and Assassin's Creed.

2. Write every day. Have done well with this. I'm writing most days, but I think I need to start writing more anyway. I'd like to fit in an hour a day, starting on Thursday. But as long as I'm writing at least something, I'll be happy.

3. Exercise 5 hours per week. Still only been hitting 3-4 hours a week but I'm mostly satisfied with that. Work has been insane, and I come home exhausted, so I'm rather proud that I still manage to make myself exercise as much as I have been.

Save money, and learn to manage my money wisely. More unexpected bills, damn it. I still haven't had to tap my savings yet though. I don't think this is hurting my goal, however. I've been doing well with saving and managing what I have, which is why I'm able to handle all of these expenses that have popped up. I can't help any of them, and I can't put any of them off either. So at least I'll be okay to pay off everything that I need to, and I can always start building again from there.

Photography. The weather has still been miserable for pictures. We had snow one day but it didn't cover the ground enough. I've just been continuing to mess with editing and different camera setting, and I'll keep an eye out for any good picture opportunities.

These updates go much more quickly now that I've actually cut my list down a bit. Of course, then it will be 2010 and I'll go back to having 20 different goals (though whether I decide to post them here and continue to update remains to be seen!) At any rate it's time for bed - have another long day of work in customer service ahead, followed by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra show!

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Niall said...

The year is nearly over, and you've done so well :) Yay Denise! :D