Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New boss

My new manager started at the company yesterday. I didn't even get an introduction before 2pm so I started off rather irritated with the whole situation. I mean, apparently having meetings with every other department in the company is a priority over introducing yourself to your own department. Not my new manager's fault - he's not the one who scheduled his time this week. Just saying.

Anyway, sometime after lunch yesterday Cori went into a meeting with the new guy, and after a while they came back out and she introduced us. Then I had to go back to the conference room and meet with him for a while. We chatted for a bit in general, then discussed what was going on in our department now that he's started.

Between that meeting and the brief amount of time I saw him today (again, he had meetings - he won't be settling into our department properly until Friday), I'm cautiously optimistic about the whole situation. He seems to have a good bit of experience with other companies and developing inventory management and purchasing practices. He also doesn't seem as though he wants to switch anything around much. He said that he plans to keep us all in the positions we're in now, and that he just wants to organize everything so that our department is more efficient.

I'm all for that, actually. If we're not going to be able to hire another person for the department then anything that can be done to make our jobs easier and quicker will help. Also will be nice to have someone trying to get the inventory situation in hand as it's ridiculous, between issues with the ordering reports I'm forced to use and warehouse problems. So far all of the questions and suggestions he's had are ones that we've been asking for ages, but apparently since he's got a degree it means more coming from him.

Oh well, as long as it gets done I suppose that's all that matters. We'll see how it goes!


Christian said...

I'm glad you didn't get a doucher for a new boss :D Hopefully he does make everything better/easier/quicker for you.


Niall said...

He sounds alright. Hopefully he helps deal with all the issues you had.

And it's definitely a good sign that he's asking questions, as no doubt he wants to make sure the department is running to his standards.

But if he turns into an ass and makes your job harder, tell me and I'll kick him for you ^_^