Monday, February 8, 2010

Project 365, Week One

Okay, so I think I've decided what I'm going to do for Project 365. I don't see the point in taking all of these pictures just to keep them to myself. I signed into Flickr, but then realized that you had to pay a yearly subscription fee or you had a 100mb limit. Considering my photos are all at least 4mb that's just not going to work.

So...I'm going to post the pictures on Twitpic, probably daily or so, and then compile a week's worth at a time in an entry on here.

So here we go. Started on February 1st. Here's day 1 - got new jewelry from Cori!

Day 2 - my cool calendar from the Chinese restaurant haha

Day 3 - Not a lot of thought put into this one...too busy playing the game!

Day 4 - thought this was fun with the reflections in the glass.

Day 5 - let the blizzard begin!

Day 6 - looking out my window.

Day 7 - I've decided to reorganize all of my books. Here's a pic of the biggest bookcase (I have 5...). I took pictures of all of them if anyone really wants to see them, as well as the random piles of books I have lying around (can see one pile in the far left of this one):

Right now I'm just taking pictures of whatever pops into my head. I also have a few ideas for future days - and a few fun camera filters I'm going to buy and play around with later in the year. Looking forward to it, and here's hoping I don't fail too early in!

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Christian said...

Very nice! I like the candles :D

Where'd you get the calender >.>