Sunday, February 21, 2010

Project 365, Week Two

I'm almost through three weeks now actually, but haven't had the chance to post everything yet. So here are the pictures from the second week...

Day 8 - only those of you who have read through book 6 (I think) of the Dark Tower series will appreciate this, but while reading the book I got to the part about the scrimshaw (I think? It's been a while) turtle. And then I found this on a shelf...that I had just cleaned the day before. I swear that it wasn't there before, and I'd never seen it anywhere in this house before, even though I've lived here for years. Anyway it's become a good luck charm of sorts, and I always have it with me when I'm writing. (Yes, I am aware that it's probably weird to have something that freakishly appeared out of nowhere while I was reading a Stephen King novel as a good luck charm, but it works!)

Day 9 - the best wine ever.

Day 10 - Icicles on my front porch.

Day 11 - What would Lulu do?!? (Only Doug and Danielle would even understand this...)

Day 12 - I thought the way the ice froze on the flag was kind of funny.

Day 13 - Nook! That's the best I could do that day, as I was far too occupied playing with it and downloading new books.

Day 14 - Happy Valentine's Day! Not much time for a proper picture.

Week three coming soon hopefully! This entire thing has been much more difficult than I originally thought, but I'm doing alright so far, I think. I've learned to accept that I can't go out and do something really cool every day, and I'm not going to even get *good* pictures every day, and I'm alright with that. I'll just keep plugging away at it and do the best I can. I think as time passes it'll become easier and easier to take better pictures, and I look forward to going back through everything in a few months, and at the end of the year.


Christian said...


I get it too >.>

That turtle is awesome, I want it >.>

The Nook too <.<

celitclita said...

What would LuLu do? Ask the midgett warriors, they can tell you. :)