Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So very busy....

Wow, it's been crazy lately. My weekend was packed, and then I have a million things to do this week before starting my new job.

Let's see, Thursday I went to the Arts and Heritage Festival at Twin Lakes with Danielle. We met her mom and aunt there and spent most of the day wandering around. I bought myself a pair of earrings and was going to get Jade a princess crown (hahaha) but around 3 it started storming like crazy and it completely slipped my mind in the mad dash to the car. I spent the evening in as I was exhausted.

Friday I did what classwork I could, then went to Danielle's for dinner. Emily came home for the weekend too, so we went to get her (minus the baby) and headed into town for the fireworks. Unfortunately they were already canceled by the time we got there, due to the rain. So we hung out at the fair for a while and got funnel cakes. Then Pat and Chris texted me, so we all met up at Callahan's for drinks. Em and I shared some buckets of long island iced teas. Then she and Danielle went home, but Pat, Chris, and I stayed. We went to Primanti's later on to meet some more people and get food, and then ended up going to some guy's apartment for some late-night drunken Guitar Hero. Fun times.

Saturday I went to see WALL E with Pat, which was excellent. Later on I went to the fireworks with Danielle and her family, but that was about all for that day. Sunday I went with Danielle to take Emily and the baby back home. We went out to see the new house Em and Jeremy just bought, and then hung out at their apartment for a few hours. Played with Keagan, which I don't get to do nearly as often as I'd like. Monday was nothing but a lot of school work that I should have done over the weekend. I got it finished in plenty of time though.

Yesterday I had to go back in to the temp agency to get my job information and schedule. Figured it's probably about 15 miles to work, which isn't as bad as I'd initially thought. At any rate I should only have to pay for gas every couple of weeks since I'm not the only one using the car. I also picked up I am Legend in audiobook format so I have something to entertain me on the commute. Not sure how well that's going to work as I haven't listened to an audiobook since I was 12, but it's really short so I figured I'd try it.

Today I went shopping for work clothes. I managed to get a handful of shirts and a good pair of shoes and only spent a little over $100. Honestly thought I'd spend more so that's fine. At least now I have enough to get by with for a while until I start getting paid.

That's about all that's been going on. I still have a lot I want to get done the rest of the week and weekend. Some more random errands, a whole lot of cleaning and laundry, as much classwork as I possibly can...the damn list is endless. I'll be happy in a couple of weeks when my class is over and I've had some time to get adjusted to my new schedule!


Jadey said...

Ohh Keagan i LOVE that name.
and its ok about the princess crown *giggles*

holy crap i was writing this earlier and forgot to publish it >_<

But yes, crazy week:O Glad you had fun though

Christian said...

I still need to see Wall-E. Maybe we can see it on Sunday after TDK.


Niall said...

I Am Legend = win ^_^

You've been very busy hun :) In comparison, it seems like I do nothing at all! XD