Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nano, Day 8

I wanted to do the daily updates for Nano again this year, like I did for last year. I've fallen a bit behind though...kind of like I have with the actual novel writing bit. It didn't start off well to begin with. November came up on me all of a sudden, and I had no plot. Hell, I didn't have the beginnings of a plot, any ideas, or even a clue what genre I'd be writing.

So the vast part of day one, when I was supposed to be writing all day and trying to get ahead, was spent in frustration trying to come up with my plot. It wasn't until about 8pm that I had it (big thank you to Corey). I managed to write a bit over the minimum requirement that day, but that was it.

Day two went alright as well. I believe I hit the minimum that day, or at least I was fairly close. You can't fall too far behind only two days in. But after that...I had the trip out to Christian's for four days. Tuesday and Wednesday (days three & four) were so busy between packing and errands that needed done that I maybe wrote a few hundred words in those two days combined. Thursday I worked, and then went straight to Christian's for the entire weekend, and just got back tonight.

I did manage to get a couple thousand words one of the mornings I was up before everyone else, so it wasn't a total waste. But at this point I'm quite far behind, and I need to get in the habit of at least writing my minimum 1,667 words a day during the week, and more if possible. If I do that, I can worry about playing catch up when I have more time on the weekends.

I think that I can still do this. It's only the eighth day. I'm about 8,000 words behind, which isn't too bad. It's not unusual for me to knock out 3,000 words or more in a day when I really spend the time on writing and get on a roll with it. I'm very frustrated that I've let myself get this far behind, but I'm trying to remain optimistic because it's quite possible to catch up fairly quickly. I'll try and post updates on my progress, and any suggestions or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated!

Needed word word count: 13,336
Current word count: 5,182
Needed to catch up: 8,154
Words left to 50k: 44,818


Christian said...

You'll catch up since you have an awesome plot :D 8k is nothin for you!

Denise said...

I was SO ready to write tonight, and then between the doctor and then the cable fiasco...*sigh*.

I know I shouldn't get frustrated and quit this early but I'm just sick of all the bs coming up! :G

I need to figure out something to do or get myself if I manage to come back and win, to give me a little extra incentive.

Niall said...

I hear you're writing a story about ninja? I remember suggesting that to you last year for you to write this year, and you said it was silly :(

Denise said...

I am not writing a story about a ninja. There are ninjas as a part of my story. I actually posted that so you'd ask or comment on it and you never did. XD

I don't know if I could do a whole novel on a ninja. And you wanted me to put ninjas in my vampire story iirc, which is what I said was silly! :D

Niall said...

Vampires are dull. Ninja make things exciting :D