Thursday, October 29, 2009

Goals update 12

I know I haven't done one of these in a while, but I wanted to post all of my blogs from my trip together, instead of throwing random stuff in between.

1. Watch all of the movies I own and have never watched. I bought more movies again, oops. However, I'm going to mark this one completed and take it off the list. The only movies I still have to watch are newer ones I've bought, and I said from the beginning I wasn't going to count them. So that's one more completed!

2. Play through some of my video games - 5+ hours a week. I haven't really been timing it, but I think that I've been hitting this every week. Got back into Dissidia after a bit of a break, and also bought Patapon, which is strangely addictive.

3. Travel. Going to Philly again in a few days! Plus I've planned a number of other small weekend trips, though at this point I'm not actually going to make any of them until after the New Year. I'm also taking this goal off the list. I'm fairly certain this goal will reappear yet again next year, but I think for this year I've definitely accomplished what I had set out to do.

4. Write every day. I've still been doing well with this one. And with Nano starting soon, I'll be fine through the month of November, and probably December as well. Nano usually keeps my writing momentum up through New Year's at least.

5. Exercise 5 hours per week. I haven't made a schedule for this yet, but I still did better this month. I'm definitely making a schedule this week though, otherwise between Nano and the holidays I'll probably leave off exercising entirely.

Save money, and learn to manage my money wisely. I feel I have a better grasp on this than I did. I've paid off everything now except for my normal monthly bills. I've also gotten a good jump on Christmas, so I might be able to start putting more money into savings again. If I pull that off I'll be quite impressed with myself, considering I don't usually have any cash to spare at this time of year.

Photography. I've finished my other photography book. I also went out to take more pictures of the fall foliage, and edited more of my Ireland pictures. Still looking to get editing software!

8. Make more time for myself - one hour per day. This is still going well. Throughout November I'd like to make an hour a day outside of writing for Nano, but I'm not sure how that will go. I mean, writing is still making time for myself, but I'd like to try and do things besides work, exercise, and write for the next month!

9. And lastly, Nano. Since it's nearly November this one is being put back on the list. Again, my goal is to participate in Nano again this year, and win for my fourth consecutive year. We'll see how that goes, considering I don't have the faintest idea for a plot yet. I don't even know what genre I feel like writing!

My goal list is getting cut down a good bit, which is awesome. It looks like I may accomplish most if not all of my goals for the year. I have new goals I want to add, but at this point they might as well become next year's so I'll just save them. I'll try and get at least one update in during Nano, if possible.


Christian said...

Woo only 9! That's awesome :D So proud :D


Niall said...

Nine goals? That's really good now :) I'm happy you're working hard to achieve things that you want :)