Saturday, January 26, 2008


I had an anxiety attack Thursday evening, around 5pm. First bad one since July, when I was at Pat's. It lasted all damn night. I woke up at nine Friday morning feeling fine, but after I'd been up for a little while I realized that it wasn't gone completely yet. Ended up going back to bed, and didn't get up until after 1pm. I think the only reason I even got up then was because I had two papers to write for Advanced Accounting Issues. Managed to get those done at a reasonable time, but I'm not sure how good they were. I'm not used to writing memos and business letters so I'm hoping I did them correctly.

God, I can't stand getting these things. I should be grateful that they're so few and far between, instead of happening four or five times a week like they used to. But still, I just with they'd go away. Most times they aren't caused by anything in particular, that I can tell. And they always worry me in that case. I get nervous that they're something worse. I'm just being paranoid. It's late and I'm out of it.

I'm still not feeling that great. I'm not tired, probably since I slept so much. I haven't managed to get anything else done though, work-wise. I wish I could; I just realized how slammed I am with schoolwork. It seems like I have something due nearly every day for the next couple of weeks. I have assignments and exams for both my regular accounting class and Quickbooks due when I'm supposed to be in Philadelphia. Other than that, I've got to catch up in my writing class and get through the next section of Advanced Accounting Issues. I have two weeks for that one, but I've glanced at the assignments and they're going to be much more difficult this time. Oh yeah. And learn four chapters of tax law so I will be ready for that exam.

And instead of doing any of this work, or even trying to get it all organized so that I can complete it all without going nuts, what am I doing? Staring off into space, writing here, or watching Lost. Figures, haha. First thing tomorrow though, that's what I'm doing. Setting up a schedule for myself for all of this work. If I can figure out a way to get the accounting and Quickbooks done early, which shouldn't be too much trouble, then I have to figure out Avenue Q. Hmm, and I should probably test my laptop battery to make sure it still holds a decent charge, so I can take it on the train with me on the way to Philadelphia.

So much to do, so little time. Here's where that goal of managing my time better is going to come into play. Hopefully I'll manage to work it all in without losing too much sleep.

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Jadey said...

Anxiety (did i spell that right?) attacks are complete shit, i had a couple in my exam year.
Which completely sucks hun, and the tired bit is shit, and the work load, but you can get through it as you are like Supergirl (is not going to bore you with why she is called supergirl)

So yeah you are on the pedestal *giggles*
But getting away to Philly for a break will help, and as long as your battery isn't as shit as one of mine you'll be ok:P