Wednesday, January 23, 2008


So, the friend I mentioned last night. Yeah, got yet another call from his creditors today. Apparently, a different one from the one who has been calling the past few months, but I'm not sure on that. If it is though...geeze. How many loans and such does he have? And on how many of them did he use me as a reference without even asking or informing me? Not that I would have said no, but it's common courtesy to ask. But no, I don't even have it mentioned to me at all until creditors start calling my personal cell phone at all hours of the day looking for him.

I'm pretty fed up with the situation. I certainly don't feel this person is a "good friend" of mine anymore, and he should stop pretending otherwise. I'm not going to cut off contact or anything; I enjoy talking to him and he's fun. It used to be more than that, but it's not now, and hasn't been in quite some time. He lies to me about important things without any hesitation. He'll keep intricate lies on top of lies going for months rather than just be honest. I clearly can't trust him at all, and who knows what else he's lied about, aside from the things I've accidentally discovered? He doesn't really let me know anything that's going on in his life, and rarely knows much about mine.

That's just not what a friend is to me. Hell, I know people I only talk to online that I can trust more than him, and who know more about me and where I am right now in my life than he does. Who ask about school, or the job hunt, or messaged me to see how I was when my dog died. Any one of these people would be considered better "friends", even though I haven't known them for as long or don't hang out with them in person.

Eh, enough of that rant. If I keep going I'll just start repeating myself, and I have more work to do this evening. I've gotten a lot done so far though, so I might be able to quit at a decent hour and get some writing in. That'd be nice; I still have yet to go back to my Nano novel. Hopefully I get to write some of it later, or at least open it and read through it (and see how horrible it is) so that I know where I'm going with the story.

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