Thursday, January 10, 2008

School >_<

Today was the first day of classes. I knew going into it that it would be quite difficult. It is my last semester to complete this degree, after all. But honestly, the amount of work I have already is absurd. I've got three chapters of tax law to learn the next 2-3 weeks, which cover 9 completely different types of problems and tables. I've also got to get through the first seven chapters of another book and write two reports, by the 25th.

My professors clearly don't want me to go to DO either. I'm supposed to be gone from March 6th until either the 10th or 11th. So far, I have a huge exam for tax law available March 6th-9th. One of my other classes has a large project due on the 7th, and two more projects due the 14th.

It just seems like so much work to me. I already have all this tax stuff to learn, and the syllabus says that students will probably have to read the chapters at least 4-5 times, just to understand all of the information. My advanced accounting class has at least one report, and sometimes two or three, due every damn week. And that's only for two classes. I have five. The information for the other three isn't up yet, which is rather irritating as well. It's the middle of the afternoon and it was supposed to be posted this morning. I'd really like to know how much else I have to try and fit into my schedule. Hopefully it'll all be up by this evening.

Was I seriously saying only a few days ago that I was looking forward to getting back, as I was bored with break? What was I thinking?

I should probably get off of here and start learning tax tables. I'd much rather go and read the last 50 pages of Nemesis, but I can't afford to procrastinate like that this semester. Especially not from day one.

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