Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ireland, day 5 (pictures)

Picture time!

A view of the Aran Islands from the Cliffs of Moher:

And a view of Connemara behind the cliffs, looking inland:

A closer view of Hag's Head at the end of the cliffs:

"I'll jump, I swear!"

The other side of the cliffs, and O'Brien's Tower:

The entrance to Markree Castle:

A view of Markree Castle from the back garden:

A view of the garden from the window in our room:

Stained glass window in the lobby:

A river in the back of the castle. I have no idea why there are steps going down into the water but it was kind of creepy:

Ashford is going to have its own entry coming shortly - I have way too many pictures and it was way too big to do it justice in just a couple of shots.


Niall said...

Beautiful. These are the kind of pics people hope to get when they go on holiday :) That castle is stunning.

Christian said...

Awesome. Very pretty pics :). Those stairs lead to a secret chamber filled with untold treasure!

Or frog poop >.>