Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ireland, day 6 (pictures)

Here are some pictures of our adventure around County Donegal.

The "surfing beach" at Bundoran:

Underneath one of the fairy bridges, thought it looked cool:

Me sitting in the wishing chair at Bundoran:

Random picture out the window on the drive between Bundoran and Killybegs - I just thought it looked cool:

View from the road between Killybegs and Slieve League:

After climbing the Slieve League Cliffs - you can see where we parked the car at the left of the picture, at the end of the mainland (yes we were that high up):

Picture of the Slieve League Cliffs:

A view from the top of the cliffs:

Another picture of the cliffs, the boat on the water gives you a vague idea of how big they really are:

The Gweebarra River, found while wandering around on the way to Letterkenny:

View from the Atlantic Coastal Drive in Downings:

Another view from the coastal drive:

And one final view from the coast drive:

I have quite a few more pictures from the drive - there were a lot of spectacular views despite the drive only being about 5 miles long. This will give you a good idea of some of the scenery though!

Only one more day left...


Christian said...

Those cliffs look awesome! So jealous!


Niall said...

Cliff pics are awesome :D And the pic of you in the 'seat' is cool and sooooo adorable :D <3