Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ireland, day 3 (pictures)

As promised, here are more pictures from day 3 of my trip, inclucing the Irish National Stud, Kilkenny, and the Rock of Cashel.

The Japanese Garden:

Me in the Japanese garden, on the Bridge of Life:

Another view of the Japanese garden:

Tea house inside the Japanese garden:

Me again in the Japanese garden - I have no idea how I didn't fall in the water:

A view inside St. Fiachra's Garden:

The monastic cell inside St. Fiachra's Garden:

The Waterford Crystal garden inside the monastic cell:

The Zen garden:

The round tower at the Rock of Cashel:

One of the entrances at the Rock of Cashel:

There were a number of faces carved into the walls inside. All of the architects had their faces carved, as well as wealthy people who would pay to have their faces put inside the chapel:

Me climbing around outside the Rock of Cashel:

Day four will be coming soon. I'm trying to get all of these completely finished within the next week or so - then I'll be able to get through another goals update and hopefully an entry about my last trip to Philly, before the start of Nano!


Christian said...

Dude you take AWESOME pictures! I LOVE the waterfall crystal garden one and the zen garden one. So cool.


Niall said...

The Japanese garden looks awesome. Makes me feel like a samurai. Or a ninja :P