Friday, February 1, 2008

Goals Update 2

Alright, it's been two weeks since my first update. Unfortunately, most of these have suffered since I was sick or in the hospital for the majority of the last two weeks. But I'm updating anyway; it'll help me figure out what I need to work on after I'm fully recovered.

1. Finish my degree. School was going well, but now I've fallen behind. First from being sick, and then from the hospital. Still determined to finish this in May though, so I'll just have to find a way to catch up. My professors will work with me, so that will help.

2. Continue my education. Haven't done anything with this. I'm hoping to work on some applications over the next two weeks, as long as I can find some time in between schoolwork. If I can't it's not a huge deal, but I'm still going to try.

3. Finish my Nano novel. I still haven't written anything else. I did, however, open the file and read through most of it, and edited a couple of parts. I still need to get back to the writing part, but that's better than nothing. I've refreshed the story in my head and know where I want it to go next.

4. Nano 2008. Actually have a very tentative idea for this. I don't know that I'll use it. It may turn into a short story, or I might just decide I don't want to wait until November. But we'll see.

5. Play the flute and piano. Found a few sheets of music around the house, and played flute a couple more times. Also found a good bit of sheet music for piano, though I still don't have the keyboard. I have to call my mother and remind her to look for it.

6. Write every day. I know I wanted to improve this one, but I didn't. I'm not sure that I'll get to do much writing over the next few weeks, but I'm going to try and get it in when I can. Still one of the goals I really want to improve on.

7. Update this blog, etc. I've been updating more than once a week, and this is my second post in two days, so I'm happy with that. Haven't gotten to the journal, again, though I almost wish I would have had it in the hospital. Have done the morning pages a few times. But I think I'm going to cut them to two pages instead of three. My notebook is huge, and with my hand it takes far too long to write three pages before I do anything else for the day. I think I might stick with it better if I only do two.

8. Let other people read my writing. Still haven't finished anything really. I've given the link for this blog to a lot of people though, which I suppose is a start. I wasn't even going to tell people about it.

9. Exercise three days a week. This one has gone to shit, though that's due to my physical problems. I won't be exercising for the next week at least, as I am fairly limited on what activity I'm allowed to do. I will be picking it up again though, once I have my follow up appointment with my surgeon and get the okay from him.

10. Read at least 52 books. I finished twelve in the month of January alone, and I'm currently in the middle of another ten, I think. Mostly because I had to start new books while in the hospital, but yeah. Way ahead on this goal.

11. Take some trips. This isn't going well either. Avenue Q is out. DO is still a remote possibility, only because I have some awesome friends who really want me there. It still depends on schoolwork though. Otakon in all honesty is probably out. I seem to be the only one who gives a damn about going.

12. Learn languages. Went through some of those Japanese sites I found. Found a lot of podcasts that deal with basic vocabulary and phrases, and downloaded them. Also got a notebook and notecards organized so I can keep track of everything. Hopefully I can get off to a good start now.

13. Physical therapy for my hand. Once again, did this every day, aside from this week when I was in the hospital.

14. Time management. I was doing well with this, I think. At least until the hospital. This one will probably be the most important over the next two weeks. I am going to need to learn to manage my time, and quickly, if I want to catch up on work. Especially if I want to have any free time, or still get to DO next month.

I think that's it for now. I had a couple other goals I was thinking of adding, but they're on hold for now. I have enough to worry about as it is.

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Jadey said...

ok as promised.
After spending the last week in hospital, i think you're doing reasonably well on your goals, the language one is the one i am most interested in, i really wana hear you speak japanese....