Tuesday, February 12, 2008


"Glad you are back. Listen--don't push!!! Start the semester at this point now. Worry about the stuff that you missed later after you have recovered more fully. Don't stress. I will not assess any penalties for the late work regardless of when you turn it in. Fair enough? Get better and best wishes."

Taken from an email I received this morning, from my writing professor. He is officially my hero. I missed a ton of assignments for that class and was wondering how in the world I could catch up. But now I can concentrate on my other classes, and fit writing assignments in as I can. Thank goodness, I didn't want to try and make up a couple dozen discussion board posts, two essays, and who knows how many readings in just a week or two! That would be hell even without any other work.

I should also finish my Quickbooks course this evening. Finally, my schoolwork is starting to look somewhat manageable. I still have a lot to do for two of my classes and it will be rough, but for the first time I feel as if I might actually catch up over the next few weeks.


Niall said...

First comment! :D

Anyway, your writing professor pwns.


Jadey said...

I'm soo glad you are catching up:D
and your writing prof kicks serious ass!!!