Friday, February 8, 2008

Being moody

Shel has a birthday party tomorrow evening, so it turns out she'll only be able to come over for a couple of hours in the afternoon. This kind of sucks, as it's incredibly hard for us to coordinate schedules and it's likely I won't see her again for a while. We try and make plans but something always comes up for one of us. But at least she has some time. Hopefully she's still planning to drag Baxter over here as well.

Sunday I may go out for a bit. A friend of my mom's who is an author is doing a talk at the library on his latest book. I wish I would have known this sooner; I would have made a point to read at least some of it, as I got it for Christmas. Oh well, I might go anyway. I can make him sign mine since it's the only one of his three books I don't have signed. And it would probably do me some good to get out of the house. It just depends on my work.

Work is going really slowly. I think I was overly optimistic when I figured how much recovery time I'd need from surgery. I only got in touch with my professors yesterday, and I feel like I have more work than I can handle. I'm getting really frustrated because I have so much to do, and yet I get tired after a relatively short span of time and need a break. It just hurts to hunch over trying to take notes or whatever, and I am tired all the time. I'm sure the cold I'm still battling isn't helping.

I'd still really like to go to DO as well, so I'm trying to push myself to get things done. At this rate though I'll be lucky to catch up in everything, much less get ahead so I can go away for nearly a week next month. I really wish I could afford to drop a class, but unfortunately I need all of them to graduate. So I guess I'm stuck. I'll just keep plugging away, and hopefully I'll manage to get back on track.

There's also all sorts of other drama going on right now, with a few different friends. I'm too tired to go into it in detail, but I'm hoping it all gets worked out. I can't really deal with it on top of everything else I'm trying to handle.

This entry is rather depressing, but I'm just not in a happy mood. I'm too worn out with everything, but I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I can't really afford to take the day off but I need it.


Jadey said...

Aww hun, *huggles*

Psht i think you need the day off. And the prof. should be cool about this, i mean come on you just had surgery, so no wonder you're tired and can't spend hours on end pouring over books.

Tbh, i was surprised of how quickly you got back to work.

I really hope you can go to DO.

Plus you're smart so you should be ok work wise, just have to do a bit at a time and not ware yourself out.


Niall said...

You shouldn't push yourself so hard. Even though you have lots to catch up on, you do still need to take breaks :) I don't want you to over-exert youself ;)

*huggles* Everything will hopefully work out fine for you <3

Oh, and at the time of writing i'm whoring the neighbour's connection just so I can beat Jade to the punch :P

Niall said...


I hate you Jade, you goddamn ninja >_>


Jadey said...

hehehe i win again Niall hehe <3

psht you know you love it;)

I LOVE being a ninja!!!!

Niall said...

I wanted to be special :(

Jadey said...

theres a huge difference between special and first posts Niall:p;)

plus i can't help it, i check those atom posts like every few minutes to see if someone has a new blog/video etc:P

Niall said...

I was sat here refreshing Denise's blog every couple of minutes, and it's when I decide to go downstairs for a drink that you ninja me >_>


And I have yet to get the first post on any of Denise's blog entries :(

*steals Denise* <3

Jadey said...


If it's that important to you....sheesh....

plus i just post i don't mind who is before me most of the time i don't read them anyway:P

And you can't steal Denise, i am already gona steal her *narrows eyes*

Christian said...

Children, children! Kitty doesn't need anymore stress, even if it is out of love :P.

You do need a day off hun, especially with your recovery. Hopefully Shel brings Baxter and you guys have a good time ;) <33

Niall said...

Who says she'll have more stress if I steal her? ;)


Niall said...