Friday, February 22, 2008

I think I read too much

If there is such a thing as too much reading, anyway. I had a conversation with a friend the other day, and I was saying how it was taking me forever (just under three months) to finish A Feast for Crows, by George R.R. Martin. Even though the book is fairly long at about 1,000 pages, that's a hell of a long time for me to take to read anything. Especially something I enjoy as much as Martin's books. At any rate, my friend started laughing, and I asked why, to which he replied, "And since you started Feast, how many other books have you read?" Back in October, I started keeping track of everything I read in a journal, so I checked, and it's been 35.

As if that wasn't enough under normal circumstances, keep in mind this was through half of Nanowrimo, finals, family visiting, holidays, five classes with insane workloads this semester thus far, and being sick in the hospital for days. I'm almost afraid to see how many books I'd get through if I actually had a lot of free time, and not just an hour here and there.

I've got hundreds of books in this room. I've never even read um...over 100 of them, last I checked. Plus, I consistently have about five people who lend me books. I have a shelf of books that aren't even mine. And yet, apparently I don't have enough. I still make regular bookstore trips, and I still come away from each one with at least one new book, usually more.

Actually, I'll let some of the evidence speak for itself. This is an excerpt from a conversation I had with Chris earlier.

Denise says: I DO need a bookstore trip! >_>
Denise says: wanna know what's funny
Denise says: I said how I know I had more stuff I wanted to look for, didnt' i?
Denise says: that's after writing down a dozen books >_>
Christian says: ...
Christian says: ................................
Denise says: OH I remembered one
Denise says: *cough*
Denise says: To be fair, I don't expect to find most of them
Denise says: And it's all completing various series
Denise says: Except that one book you told me
Christian says: but of you do youll buy them
Christian says: XD
Denise says: no
Christian says: if*
Denise says: I will get 2 probably
Denise says: I still get four off amazon >_>
Christian says: XD
Denise says: Okay well
Denise says: If I find older editions or dollar books I might get like 4
Denise says: but if they're regular $4 ones just two >_>
Denise says: Pretty much, I wanna spend about 10 bucks, if that
Denise says: Would I get 10 $1 books? Probably >_>
*Christian nods emphatically on webcam*
Denise says: yeah you're right
Christian says: YAY
Denise says: There's not usually anything I'm dying to have in those...but they're a dollar
Denise says: Right, I have issues

I was going to actually talk about some of the books I've been reading in this post, but I've already been working on it for a while and it's good enough. I'll make sure to start posting more often what I think about various books I read. For now, I need to be heading off. I'm leaving soon, to go guessed it.

The bookstore.


Christian said...

Yay bookstore! Hope you find at least one...>.> (you didn't XD)

Only 35 books in 5 months? Lightweight >.>

*claps* MOAR BOOKS!


Denise said...

I found three. >_>

And 3 months, not 5.

.....I'm making it worse for myself, aren't I?

Niall said...

You're addicted to books! :O

Christian said...

...Yes. Yes you are.

Although at this rate, you'll be done with all 159 by next year!

PROGRESS!!!!! ^_^

Niall said...

Chris, wanna bet she'll have read all the books in the world by the time she hits 30?

<3 you really Denise ;P

Denise said...

You know Chris, I considered making my goal, "Finish all the books I own and haven't read."

It probably would have been feasible, except I'd have to not BUY any all year. XD

Yeah yeah Niall. <3

Christian said...

You think it'll take her that long, Niall? Hell, crack addicts burn through huge piles in mere weeks!

I see no difference happening here.



Jadey said...

After 3 failed attempts to write this msg, and 3 further attempts of clicking the wrong "Post Comment" button, i might finally get to write what i was saying....


Anyways... 10 books for $10 hehe excellent ^_^
And i nearly died when i saw the "Right, i have issues" It made me giggle so much, D, you don't have issues you're special, and thats just super.
Is it weird that that is the name of a book? ¬_¬

James said...

Having known you forever, I must disagree with jade, you do have some issues, but thats why I am your friend. Yours go oh so well with mine ^.^

Annu said...

Wow!!! so many books!! thats incredable!!
I wish i could read as many...!!