Monday, February 11, 2008

What a good day

My weekend was rather uneventful, but good. Shel came over on Saturday. Unfortunately, she'd just fallen down the stairs and thought she'd broken her arm (she didn't but it was badly bruised) so she didn't bring Baxter along. He's a handful and she was in a lot of pain. Anyway, she stayed most of the afternoon. We watched Next and Deja Vu, which were both pretty good. We also made plans to go to Patty's this coming Saturday. Danielle came over in the evening and hijacked my TV for Morrowind. I just hung out with her and chatted with friends online. Went to bed pretty early since I was actually up all day. That's probably the first time I'd done that since surgery; I was tired.

Nothing at all happened Sunday. Mom and I decided not to go to the reading because we were both behind on work. I got a decent amount of work done. I'm nearly caught up in Quickbooks; I just have to take an exam this evening. After that I only have one other chapter and an exam and I'm through with the course. I'm considering just getting those out of the way tomorrow. I know I'm behind in other stuff, but this way I'd be completely finished for the semester with one class, and before the free trial of the software runs out.

Today has been excellent so far. I actually got work done and it's still early. Like I said, all I have is an exam and then I'm caught up with Quickbooks. I have to take that by nine tonight. Then I can either work on that a bit more or try and catch up on one of my other classes. I have to email my writing professor too, as I haven't heard anything from him yet. I think my email may not have gone through. I am completely lost with what I'm supposed to be doing in that class, and I really need him to let me know what needs turned in.

I had my follow-up appointment with my surgeon this afternoon as well. He took all of the surgical tape off. The incisions look kind of gross, but he said I'm healing well and I'll be fine. And he gave me stuff to put on them so they won't scar noticeably
. Then I went shopping with my mom for a bit.

Also, my grandmother came in here earlier and asked if she could have my Best Buy gift cards. I figured she just wanted to get something at the store and use my cards. She's done it before, and always gives me the cash or another gift card later. So I give them to her and go back to work, thinking nothing of it. An hour or so later, she comes home...with a brand new cobalt and black DS Lite! She knew that's what I was saving the cards for, and decided to just pay the rest as a gift. I love my grandma. I've been messing around with it a bit, though I only have GBA games right now.

Niall is going to send me FFIII so I have a game, which is awesome. If he ever makes it to the post office. Which means I should probably just go buy myself the game. >_>

I'm pretty sure I forgot some of the things I was going to write about. Oh well. I should be getting back to work anyway, so I can get my exam taken. I won't be around as much this week because I'm trying to catch up in most of my classes by Friday, but I'll try and update if I can.


Jadey said...

Good Luck in the exam ^_^

And that is soooo excellent on the DS .. yay, i know you really really wanted one, so yay:)
I LOVE your grandmother she is awesome^_^

Christian said...

YAY DS!!! Now I have to give you a game too ^_^

Good luck hun <3

Niall said...

I will be sending FF3 :O And Phoenix Wright too. And any other game that I can fish out of the depths of my room that I don't play anymore ;)