Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's been a boring week

Hmm, been nearly a week since my last post, and for once I don't really have anything to say. Not much has happened. I've been working on school a lot. I'm hoping to be caught up with taxes and accounting by Monday. That would leave me with only two classes to go, and I can take my time with my writing course. The only thing that's really important for that is coming up with topic ideas for my research paper. I'm drawing a total blank there. But if I manage to do all of that, and keep up the productivity through next week, I should be good to go with everything. That includes DO. So, here's hoping!

Actually, my tax professor emailed me today, because he's concerned about me catching up, haha. He doesn't realize that it'll be a breeze to catch up on the next unit, as I won't have loads of work for five classes to be concerned with. I'll be back on a normal schedule, instead of trying to fit a month's worth of work into a couple of weeks.

Went to the Neurosonic/Puddle of Mudd show with Danielle this past Sunday. It was awesome. That's all I have to say about it really. Due to a mix-up with the guest list, we got in for free. Got to meet the Neuro guys and got some stuff signed and a few pictures. Some of them are up on MySpace, and the rest will be shortly, if you're interested in seeing them.

That seems to be about it for the week. I was supposed to go out with Shelly at the beginning of the week, to Patty's and out for a couple of drinks. She caught the flu though, so we rescheduled for Saturday. Hopefully nothing comes up for either of us; I definitely need a bookstore trip.

Oh yeah. Speaking of drinking. I had a doctor's appointment Tuesday afternoon, and found out I'm not allowed to touch alcohol for the next 4-6 months (preferably 6). Apparently alcohol agitates your pancreas. Since I've been having issues with it for so long, they want to make sure it's fully recovered and not permanently damaged before I go putting stress on it again. While this makes sense, it still sucks. I don't drink often anymore, but I'd already made plans to drink a bit at DO, and on St. Patty's Day. Those are definitely out though, as they're less than two months from my surgery. I'll also have to be really careful if I want to drink when (if) I go to Ireland. My doctor said I could drink a bit since it'll be about four months by that point, but I can't drink multiple days in a row and if I feel the slightest bit of pain I need to stop completely. But at least I'll be able to have my Guinness.

It won't be that bad, I suppose. I'm just hoping that it all turns out alright. Last thing I need is to find out my pancreas or some other organ is permanently messed up because of stupid doctors misdiagnosing me for years!


Jadey said...

"But at least I'll be able to have my Guinness."

*Giggles* That is awesome ^_^ hehehe

I *really* hope you get to go to Pattys tomorrow:D

I'm going to Italy For Paddy's day, so if i remember i might send you a postcard when i am there...^_^


Christian said...

Wooooo hurray for possibly being caught up for DO ^_^!

No beer sucks, though after this hopefully no more fake panic attacks!!!

The bookstore trip comment made me giggle XD


Niall said...

I was forced to check Myspace for the first time in almost 2 weeks >_>

Awesome pictures! It looked like you had fun ^_^ Next time, drag me along, will you? ;p And those contacts make your eyes so blue :O

I'll have a beer and think of you on St. Patricks Day :) <3

James said...

Guiness is a gift from God Herself... So, on St. Patty's (and perhaps even pi day) I will raise a toast for you my fallen comrade, and I will wish your pancreas good health, and your liver even better fear of recovery.