Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I need a break from all of this work!

Shel and I have been trying to make plans for nearly two months now, and she finally made it over yesterday. I had a lot of fun; it was like no time had passed at all. We just went back to normal, talking and laughing (seriously, my grandmother thinks we're crazy) until suddenly four hours had passed and she needed to leave. I'm kind of glad she didn't make it to see me last week. If I'd have laughed like that a few days ago it would have hurt like hell.

We've made plans for Saturday. She's going to come over sometime in the morning and spend the day here. She's bringing Baxter, of course. We'll probably eat junk food and watch Johnny Depp movies, haha. Oh, and I have to get her into Guitar Hero 3; she really wants to play. Should be a fun time. Doesn't take much to keep the two of us occupied, does it? That's the way it's always been though, and it's one reason I'm such good friends with her. We're just as happy sitting around in our pj's doing nothing as we are going out.

She also brought me a bag full of books to read. Typical Shel. No wonder I have so many of my own that I haven't read. Between Pat, Fran, and Danielle lending me books, and then Shel showing up with bags full, it's hard enough to keep up with the borrowed ones. I'm back to having a shelf full of borrowed books, and a box of Corey's, though I do have a handful that I've finished and need to return to people.

And Shel wants to go to Patty's next weekend too. Patty's is a used bookstore in town, and probably one of my favorite places to shop. She's got around 200,000 books, and nearly everything is half the cover price. Hardcovers are usually around $4. It's wonderful, as I don't have much money to spend on books. Plus, since many older editions of books have a cover price of $2.95 or so, you can get a lot for very little money. Every time I go there with Shel she buys a couple dozen (literally). I rarely walk out without at least one new book. I know I don't need more, but how can I say no if it's something I've wanted for a while and it's only $2? Or if it's one of the $0.50 or $1 bargains?

Yes, I'm well aware I need help (Chris dear, that is directed at you). ^_^

Jade's get-well gift arrived today. It's goofy as hell, but awesome. She sent me a bunch of things, including some ridiculous candy that smells like flowers but actually tastes pretty good. Parma violets, whatever those are. Silly foreign food. She also sent me a stuffed unicorn, which comes with a code so I can register and name a star, which I think is cool. The whole package made me smile, which I needed after my long day of trying to organize work and get some assignments in.

Speaking of the work, I should probably get back to it now.


Jadey said...

"It's goofy as hell, but awesome.
including some ridiculous candy that smells like flowers but actually tastes pretty good. Parma violets, whatever those are. Silly foreign food."

hehehe yes they do smell slightly strange but they kick ass, hehehe.

i'm glad it made you smile, hehe. I aim to please^_^

I really wana go to Patty's it sounds like it kicks ass, i would quite possibly live in there...

Ohh you have to start thinking of names for Your Star... ohhhhh

Niall said...

I can't stand Parma Violets any more as I used to eat waaaay too many :P

Denise, it's nice to know that you had fun when Shel visited you. You needed perking up some more :)