Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day 11

Tuesdays are such a busy day for me, you'd think I wouldn't have any time to write. That said, I did really well tonight, so well in fact that I just realized it was after 11 and I really need to sleep. Otherwise I might be able to go for another hour.

Doing a bit better on the plot though a lot of it is still just summarizing what I want to happen and leaving the specifics out. I'll get to this later, but in the meantime at least I'm progressing.

I had the thought tonight that I might cut out a lot of Kieran's past so that I have more space for the rest of the story...which pretty much means that about three days of work would be useless and subsequently deleted. I won't make any decisions on it until after I'm entirely done with the first draft though.

I wrote more than the daily amount tonight, which is great. I'm more than 1k ahead again. Hopefully I keep this up the rest of the week.

Needed word count: 18,337
Current word count: 19,525
Words left to 50k: 30,475


Christian said...

Good call on waiting till you finish the draft before taking anything out, as its easier to see where/when to put things after its all out on paper :D


Jadey said...

Yeah i agree with Chris
And go you for getting ahead again, thats brilliant <3

Denise said...

I'm also not going to take out about 7000 words in the middle of Nano. >_>

Really though, I'd like to include it because it's interesting to me, but overall it might not turn out to be all that important. I'll just have to finish the damn book and then see.

Niall said...

I say get everything written and finished, then begin condensing the story and taking out the things you aren't happy with or that aren't relevant :)