Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 3

I stopped writing a bit early tonight. I don't have to be in bed for nearly an hour, but I need to study some more and get everything together for tomorrow. I have such a long day. I have to get up, get ready (and look nice because I'm getting my picture taking for my security ID for work), leave an hour early, go vote, work all day, go study for an hour, take an exam, then I get to come home. Then I have to shower, eat, and get ready for work Wednesday. Maybe I'll even have time to write for a few minutes.

I got more writing in tonight than I expected to, which was nice. Word wars helped. Still pretty well ahead and I'm trying to keep it that way. I'm stuck on some names though. At the moment I'm just leaving them blank or putting in something stupid that I can easily change later. Niall has made an appearance, but he has a cousin who needs a name. Right now he's just "Vampire 2". I also need a good name for a nightclub. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

I'm hoping to have time to write tomorrow. I'd really like to break the 10k mark and get into the massive fight scene that's starting within a few pages. But for now I'm off to study...or to download Rough Draft and see if I can learn to work it.

Needed word count: 5,001
Current word count: 9,019
Words left to 50k: 40,981


Jadey said...

If I catch you sometime this week I will remind you about names. :)
I'm working on the programme, I have been asking around, I'm going to check replys but so far nothing, people seem to like microsoft word ¬_¬

Anywho I'll keep you posted.
Word count is pretty good, you seem to be keeping well on top of things. :)

Jadey said...

Oh the only one I have really found so far is
So if it helps at all,:)

Niall said...

Call the other vampire Niall2 :D

I'm full of ideas <3

Christian said...

Maybe Nemo? Actually...that could fit for either the cousin or the club. Thats all I could think of XD


Denise said...

Don't worry about the program, I went with yWriter4. :)

Niall, however would I get by without your outstanding ideas? Lol. No Niall2. :P

Chris, I can't name a vampire or a nightclub owned by a vampire after a clown fish. I just can't do it. >_>