Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 7

...was technically yesterday. I'm not posting a word count yet, because I did some writing last night after I got home and I don't know where I was at the end of the day. I'll just update tonight.

I have a dilemma though. How the hell long should chapters be? I can't gauge how many pages something will be by looking at a computer screen. I'm kind of making new chapters where I feel like it, and they're all over the place with length. And I never know whether I should make a new chapter or just hit enter a few times and make a different scene within the same chapter.

I suppose it's silly to even think about it at this point, but the less I have to be redoing stuff down the road, the better. I also know no one who reads this is likely to have a clue, but I was starting to write for the day and it was bugging me.

And now I'm off to write. Word count wise I'm still ahead of where I need to be for the next day or so, but I'm trying to get ahead. Still aiming for 25k but not sure that will happen. I have a purse party later, Madagascar 2, a haircut, and the Steeler game tomorrow. But we'll see how it goes! 20k at the very least should be feasible.


Jadey said...

Ok so chapter wise, perhaps 15-25 pages I duno, tbh usually when theres a major change or to make you want to read more is a good idea for change of chapter
Theres let say 27 pages a chapter in an average book and thats kinda keeping them to an interesting point.
Usually I like books that have about middling chapter lengths so that I can read a chapter and then sleep, I hate stopping in the middle of a chapter.

If that helps at all?
And hope you have fun this evening^_^

Denise said...

27 pages a chapter is pretty long. I prefer around 20 personally.

It's not a matter of how long I want the chapters to be. It's that I don't really know how many words equals one printed page in a book. How many pages would 3000 or 6000 words or whatever actually BE if it were printed?

I have the numbers down somewhere but it's something like 300-600 words depending on how much is dialogue. So it's really hard to actually judge. XD

Niall said...

I think with usual novel measurements, chapters are usually a few thousand words long. So 15 chapters @ 4k words = 60k word story.

I dunno if there is any kind of writing standard though.

Christian said...

Chapter length should be judged by the story, not some kind of standard, imo, if there even is one lol.