Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 2

I still haven't picked between the three names I have for one of my vampires. But he hasn't actually been mentioned in the novel yet, so I suppose that's alright. I'm going to get to him in the next chapter or two though so I need to decide soon. I did manage to come up with names for three of my other characters with very little hassle though, which was surprising but I will definitely not complain.

As far as the story goes, I'm pretty much through with the initial setup and should be getting into the fun stuff in the next day or two. I can't wait, though there are going to be a number of fights and I am not at all confident in my ability to choreograph fights and make them realistic. The first turned out really well though. I'll just wing it and see how it goes. I can always spend time editing them later on.

I'm really happy with the progress I've made and the story so far. I can definitely see myself writing this one through to the end and then going back to fix it up. I adore this plot. Here's hoping I don't botch it too badly!

If anyone knows any good programs for novel writing, please let me know. Microsoft Word sucks, big time. I've heard of Rough Draft and yWriter, so I'm thinking of checking one or both of those out. Please comment if you have any suggestions!

Needed word count: 3,334
Current word count: 7,077
Words left to 50k: 42,923


Jadey said...

Ohh go you on the word count. I'm glad you got the names figured out, you can try the names out on me if you want?

And Sorry I can't help with a writer program, I'll have a look for you though if you want?

Niall said...

Call a vampire Niall :D

Go on, just for a laugh XD

Denise said...

My word count is going to suck tomorrow. I go vote, work all day, study for an hour, take an exam, then have maybe 2 hours once I get home to do everything I need to and go to sleep. D:

Jadey, remind me next time I talk to you on MSN and I'll list the names I have. I'm sure I'll be randomly mentioning them in future blogs as well when the characters piss me off.

Also, if you want to look for a program or hear of anything that's fine. I think I just need to d/l a couple and try them out.

Niall, I *could* actually. But would you be offended if I killed him horribly? >_>

Christian said...

Woo for easy naming :D

And you should kill Niall very horribly >.>