Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day 18-19

Was too tired to worry about blogging last night. I did type some. I think it was around 900 words. Still not too shabby. Tonight went well for the word count.

I'm starting to get sick of Nano though. Don't get me wrong, I still love my plot. I love my characters, and I'm having a lot of fun. And I really want to continue with this and eventually finish the book. But I'm tired of having to type nearly 2000 words a day. This in addition to 10 hours spent at work or driving, school, and all of the other things I have to do.

Of course, I'm starting to get into the home stretch with the 50k, so that probably explains a bit of it. But mostly it's work. I'm on the computer all day, entering orders, making spreadsheets, emailing vendors back and forth. Then I come home and have to type another 2000 words. No wonder I haven't been wanting to start until 10pm. :p

My goal is to have 40k by the end of the weekend, and preferably 45k. My weekend is looking like it's going to be insanely busy, but we'll see.

Needed word count: 31,673
Current word count: 34,258
Words left to 50k: 15,742


Christian said...

I'm pretty sure getting sick of writing 2k words a day after 19 days is pretty normal hehe. After Nano you said you'd slow down, which I think will definitely help :D

16k left :D


Jadey said...

Yeah I agree with Chris.
You've been insanely busy so it's understandable that you're getting sick of it.
But as you said you're nearly in the home stretch, so after that you can relax^_^

Denise said...

I'm...normal? *is confused*

But yeah, just tired of it. And my fingers hate me. I type all day, take a little break when I get home, then suddenly have to type for an hour straight.

Once Nano is over I'm just going to do about half an hour a night, no word count worries. Hopefully that works and I actually FINISH a story for once!

Niall said...

NaNo is the literary version of an all-you-can-eat-buffet at a wedding. Just because there is an occasion, you pig out a little to the point where you become so sick you slow down or stop.

You're doing amazing well, Denise. I hope you hit the target, then when NaNo is over, just kick back a little. Writing should be fun, not a chore :)