Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 6

I hit around 2k for the day before 9pm. I really did intend to get a little bit extra done, but then got distracted. Oh well. It was nice to finish up early and take a couple of hours to myself. It gave me time to read some Janet Evanovich before Jade passes me in that series!

This whole Kieran talking about his past chapter is turning out to be a lot more in depth than I originally planned. He's not even a vampire yet and this chapter is 3200 words so far. He actually only just had his first contact with a vampire, though he won't know it for a while. *Sigh* I'm really not sure how to handle it now. I might have him go up to when he becomes a vampire, then something happens and he doesn't get to finish the story until later? Or maybe when I go and edit the novel I'll take the entire sequence out. At the moment though the backstory seems important. We'll see how it turns out in the end.

I am also discovering that I need to do quite a bit of research. This novel is based in our world, after all. It doesn't have to be completely accurate but I want the general details to fit the time period I'm in. I doubt I'll get into it this month though. For now I've just been vague with details and added little notes to look up clothing styles and architecture and such. Shit...that means when I go add all of that in, this chapter will be even longer.

Does anyone know what a normal sized book would be, number of words wise? I know 50k is way too short but I want to say a normal book is 70-80k. It just seems I have over 14k words and haven't gotten to a LOT of my story yet!

Enough babble for tonight. Tomorrow is Friday, thank goodness. I can't take any more of this week. Hopefully I'll get a large chunk done this weekend. Still aiming for 25k by Sunday night, though I won't push it too much.

Needed word count: 10,001
Current word count: 14,010
Words left to 50k: 35,990


Jadey said...

Sooo I should be leaving for school, but obviously I haven't yet, long story (Meaning Dad took my fucking car, Asshole) anywho i researched this word count for you and I found this
"for first time authors -- want 80,000 - 120,000. Anything under 80,000 will get lumped into Juvenille Fantasy (unless it's damn good) and anything over will very likely get rejected outright."

So if that helps you at all:)
And I am catching up a little not much though.
And holy crap like the first week and you have 35K left to go, =0
Go you

Denise said...

Yeah I found my info on it, it''s 70,000 to 120,000. BUT that's in general. It depends on the publisher and the genre. The only books that are really in that 100,000 to 120,000 area would be fantasy, which for once is not what I'm writing. XD

I'm just going to write it and see how it ends up after editing and everything. It's not like I'm going to publish it so no worries. ^_^

Niall said...

Go for 70k words as a start, then if it looks like you'll hit more, then go for it!

You know, you're naming a vampire Niall, and you have a character called Kieran (the name of my brother). Coincidence? XD

Christian said...

Keep going at this rate and you'll rival ASoS >.>

And better to write too much and take out what isn't needed imo.

Detail ftw!


Denise said...

The thought of writing a 1300 page book makes my hands cramp up. XD

But yeah, in the end I have to find a balance between detail and stuff happening, or people will get bored and not want to read. This is only a first draft though.

I'm sure so much will be removed and so many new things will be added that my final word count won't be anywhere near accurate for the first few drafts. ^_^