Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 14


That about sums it up for tonight. I did two more of the hour-long sprints with Angela and Jamie, and got quite a bit done. I'm still getting along well with the scenes too, no more writer's block issues. Hopefully it stays that way.

On a non-noveling note, work is insane but going well. Cori actually yelled at me yesterday and told me to mess something up, because it was creeping her out that I hadn't made any mistakes yet. My test in class went wonderfully, I got a 97. Now I just have to do well on the last two. Hmm, what else. I haven't really been up to anything but work and writing.

Danielle gets her black belt tomorrow, so I'm going to see that. Then Sunday is Quantum of Solace. Here's hoping I actually have time for laundry and writing this weekend!

Needed word count: 23,338
Current word count: 26,036
Words left to 50k: 23,964


Jadey said...

YAY for being halfway, that is seriously fantastic. I'm super happy for you^_^
And the things that Cori says makes me giggle, well from what you've told me^_^ ;)
Oh and Congratulations to Danielle too^_^ Have fun^_^
So glad you're past the block^_^ <3
Congrats on the 97% too =0 <3

Niall said...

You're doing so well. Don't know how that can be seen as creepy hehe.

Congrats to Danielle, and you'll enjoy Quantum of Solace :)

Christian said...


Thats so awesome! :D

Way to go on the 97 and not messing up at work too!