Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 17

Again, not writing much. It's nearly time for bed and I'm exhausted and cranky. I only even wrote tonight because I didn't want to be obligated to write tomorrow if I don't feel like it. I have work, then class, and it's supposed to be really bad weather. So I somehow doubt I'll be coming home wanting to pop on the computer and work.

Tonight went alright though, I think I got over 2k again. Under 20k to finish for the year. Hopefully I'm not so burnt out when I'm done that I drop the story instead of finishing it...

Needed word count: 28,339
Current word count: 31,124
Words left to 50k: 18,876


Jadey said...

31 nice <3
And I don't think anyone blames you for not wanting to work on it this evening. <3

Christian said...

Another 2k. Awesome :D. Almost there <3

Denise said...

Almost there...sometimes it seems it and other times I feel like I've been writing FOREVER and it's NEVER GOING TO END. Lol.