Monday, November 10, 2008

Days 8-10

Didn't update for a couple of days, but I wasn't doing well on the word count and was spending time trying to write instead of blogging.

I'm still a bit stuck with my novel. I'm simultaneously writing two different things, and I'm not sure exactly where to go with either of them. I've been plugging away though, and while it's not been easy I've been forcing myself to write something to get through it. As long as I get the basics down I can flesh it out and fix it up later on. A lot of it is research that needs to be done, though I'm also having trouble with some of the plot specifics.

I'm glad I was ahead, as I've managed to not fall behind yet. I had a pretty productive night tonight as well, so I'm even back to being a bit ahead again. I'm going to try and write around 2k a day for the rest of the week. That's the daily word count plus 300-400 words. It's not much extra, but that 300 words a day will add up quickly and give me a nice buffer for the next time I get stuck. Or ideally it will help me finish the 50k early.

For now I'm a little over 600 words ahead, and I'm happy I've brought myself back to that.

Needed word count: 16,667
Current word count: 17,289
Words left to 50k: 32,711


Jadey said...

Sucks that you're stuck on parts. Its like me with art, don't worry, it will all go back to its normal rhythm soon:)

Christian said...

As Jade said, just give it time <33

Denise said...

The second week is always the worst, and the time I'm most likely to fall behind. I'm just plugging away for now...

Niall said...

Even the best writers get writer's block. Think of the short period where you haven't written much as your brain resting, getting ready for the pwnage ahead :D