Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 13

Again, I didn't really write before 10pm tonight. At about 9:50, Angela messaged me, and I was happy because I haven't warred in a few days and thought maybe it would help. She said, "Hey do you have an hour to write?" to which I replied of course I did, as that's what I was planning to do for the next hour anyway. She suggested we write for 10 minutes, break for 5. Then repeat that twice more, and then have a 15 minute war to end the hour. She said she'd done that the past couple of days and always hit over 1000 words. I agreed, happy to have any form of motivation to write.

In the first three wars (the 10 minute ones) I wrote over 1200 words. Total for the hour? 1826. More than the daily count. Instant mood lift. Not to mention, I started writing a scene and it was just flying. I glanced over it at the end of the war too, and it actually seems *gasp* good! I don't want to stop writing either, but I'm about to collapse from exhaustion so I suppose I should do the sleep thing.

Does this mean I've gotten over my writer's block? For now at least. ^_^

Needed word count: 21,671
Current word count: 23,210
Words left to 50k: 26,790


Jadey said...

woo for the word count and thats brilliant that you got past your block <3
The motivation is always encouraging and its good that you did that hour.
I'm desperate to read this now.

Niall said...

I knew you'd get over the short bout of writer's block and go back to tearing up NaNo :D

The word wars seem to be a massive encouragement for you, so well done on getting quite a nice amount ahead :)

Christian said...

Yay! No more writers block! And jesus, 1826? You're a machine...>.>